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New experiences

March 10, 2009

College is all about new experiences.. Luckily I had one new experience of mine captured on video.. I HAD to try sushi because of Lisa =[ =[

[[no idea why video wouldnt show up]]

By the way– It’s Californian’s roll which TASTES better than the Salmon crunchy roll– I felt like I was eating spiders because it was crunchy like spiders.. I have a phobia of spiders!!


Boys Boys Boys

March 10, 2009

Relationships are hard.. That’s general knowledge.

I just wonder– what is the secret success to every relationship that worked?

My senior year I was in very very very serious relationship which in the end killed our friendship. He was really serious about it when I freaked out and I knew I was going to Gallaudet.. I ended it and went for the goofy guy at my school, this guy liked 3 girls at the same time.. I had to fight for him, and in the end.. It wasn’t worth fighting for because those two girls were my friends.. We all made up and I’m still friends with this goofy guy.. I went back to my ex boyfriend  for the next seven months and had a wonderful summer together then I went on to Gallaudet, that was the start of downfall of our relationship.. For me, long distance doesn’t work.. I constantly had to worry about how he feels, and what if he wasn’t ok with me hanging out with guys, clubbing, and that gave me a lot of stress my first semester at Gallaudet. He ended it two days before I was supposed to come home for my winter break.. Strangely enough I was content with it, but I felt like I wasted my first semester at Gallaudet because of him..  During winter break, BAM another guy came in my life.. We had a short fling, nothing serious but I kinda wanted more than just a fling. I just wanted a guy to be there for me more than just be there when he wants to. Winter Break ended and I was still talking to the fling guy, we ended up really good friends.. I wish all the best for him..

Now, I’m so GLAD I’m SINGLE at Gallaudet.. No way that relationship with last guy would’ve worked out..

I would never forget my first love in senior year, or those guys in my life.. At this moment, some people suggested me to find a guy that would make me happy.. I just want to hang out with my gay friends because they’re my comfort zone && nothing would happen =] =] I’m also tired of dragging things out of straight guys when they’re not sharing anything.. MY GAY friends share, and I love that =]

Blurry moments

March 10, 2009

This semester went by extremely fast. I barely could remember my teachers names this semester.. Last semester felt like forever..

I barely could keep track of what had happened since Jan 20th, the day I flew into Washington D.C. After I shaved my hair– time went extremely fast.. Now it’s March 10th, and my spring break starts in five days.. My mom paged me saying “Things must be going well. Haven’t heard from you in several days.”  I normally page my mom everyday & let her know about exciting news.. I haven’t told her about many things that happened at Gallaudet.. Everyone’s counting down to Spring Break.. All I want is to pause time for awhile and just to sit.. I’m trying to remember what’s happening so far.. Maybe pictures will be better way to show my blurry days..


bald day– it’s NOT a Gallaudet tradition.. It’s a freshman unofficial tradition & it’s NOT hazing to me..


one of those crazy nights =D


Valentine’s Day [[ we went to cheesecake factory and had bllllllast]]

Things that are.. When a new semester came, new people you wouldn’t think you would be friends with or never thought you would be friends with.. Sometimes there are new crowds you would hang out with after first semester ended.. That’s what happened to me.. I became close to one girl that I never thought I would be that close to.


LISA– she rocks!!

I would NEVER forget my freshman year @ Gallaudet.

10 reasons why I love Gallaudet

March 4, 2009

10– People would page you at randomest times whenever they wanted to watch movie, free pizza, whenever they’re going to cafe & wanted you to join them.. [[Had great time tonight just chillin & eating pizza =P]]

9– Communication [simple as that]

8– The opportunties that Gallaudet offers 😉

7– Learning how to live on your own and learning more about yourself

6– People because it’s interesting how to analyze people && make friends here.. Everyone have their own opinions at Gallaudet..

5– Gallaudet always have events, so you never really get bored around here..

4– You do things at Gallaudet that you never imagined you would have done.. [like eating sushi last weekend]

3–Sports && they’re deaf friendly here..

2– Gallaudet’s traditions && history plus ghost stories 😉

1– Everything there is DEAF FRIENDLY


Those reasons are’t in any specific order 😉 Tonight I just decided to tagged about 65 of my facebook friends and tell them reason why I love them to death because you never know if it’s the day they really needed to hear it the most.. I’m so glad I did it because one girl actually told me she was having bad day until I tagged her. I miss being random like I used to be in high school, so I just went ahead and tagged 65 people and talked about memories I had with them & why I loved them..  Now I’m updating this to tell you why I love Gallaudet.. I think everyone have to experience Gallaudet at least one year.. I will never regret coming here, I thought I would.. I didn’t because I met so many people && had tons of memories and this semester is nearly half done.. I can’t believe it..

Spring Break’s coming soon.. I cannot wait to go to Cancun with my friends, then see my mom & my brother.. I cannot wait to show them around DC because it’s starting to feel like my third home.. Crescent Lake will always be my second home 😉

Pst– I hope I can go to RIT for Brickfest 😉

Best Friend for life

March 3, 2009

High School had taught me so much, I learned the realities of the world.. It made me grasp for what’s real. One of my best friends, K, is one of the best things that happened to me. She’s bipolar & bisexual.. She certainly helped my views on life..

K & I met during my freshman year, she was sophomore.. She transferred into my high school, I was raised in a christian family. I never saw any suffering, I was well protected, and well sheltered.. I always got what I wanted growing up, my parents always had enough money to have a roof over my head.. K’s family was broke.. We began our friendship during cheerleading, she was mascot when I was a cheerleader..

I would never forget the day K found out her dad died, she was crying in the car.. I suddenly got the weird feeling that everything would change that day.. It was true for her, and kinda true for me because I was her best friend and I learned from her pain, and learned how to help her. K wasn’t a perfect person but she was so smart, she was in honors literature at our school. She began to withdraw from school, I kept making her stay focused.. One day when I had enough of high school, I had the extreme thought to just walk off campus and kept walking until I got home.. When I was only 10 blocks away from my high school, K paged me and asked me if she could come with me.. I agreed, I never thought it was so far away.. We walked 5 miles from my high school to my home, it was one of the best days in high school to me. We both got in school suspension considering, we were skipping school & suspension wouldn’t help so we had to stay in a tiny white room doing homework all day. [I had tough freshman year but– this story is more based on how much K went through]

That was wonderful moment, and there’s alot of craziness happening between her and me.. She was coming out the closet telling me she was bisexual. It was first time I had someone who’s close to me that tells me they’re bisexual. K had crush on me, I always suspected but I never said anything because she always respected my boundaries.. Sophomore year came, she was no longer student at my high school.. She started high school at her school district.. Then eventually alternative school, she started getting addicted to cigarettes, she was seventeen and I was sixteen.. She still liked me, and I loved her like sister.. There’s alot of tough days with her.. I was the best friend that her mom adores because I never liked cigarettes or drugs.. K reduced smoking when I’m around her mostly because she usually never stress when I’m around and she hates it when I see her smoke when I don’t smoke.

Junior year came, she was eighteen and she was dating this twenty-eight year old loser.. He was out of prison when I met him.. A few months later, he was in prison.. K  officially dropped out from high school.. My junior year was the key point where there was strain on our friendship.. K moved to Washington then back to Oregon.. She went to my junior prom as my date. She was still dating that loser, he never liked me since the day one.. He shouldn’t because I always knew K should’ve gotten a better guy.. He ended up in jail, and I was thrilled.. K wasn’t.. He came out, and treated her like crap. She always acted like nothing’s wrong.. I always knew something was wrong.. K and I had huge falling out.. I decided to shut her out of my life..

Senior year came.. I was with my boyfriend at that time.. K and I didn’t talk for longest time until spring of 08.. She wanted to see me at my graduation, I still had her stuffed frog that her dad gave her… Those memories was still there, and there was so many memories between us.. We were there for each other through thick and thin.. She quit drugs for me during my high school years.. She reduced smoking then she started smoking more and more && got in heavy drugs after I told her I couldn’t be in her friend anymore.. So when we finally talked, she was better after she left that jailer boyfriend of hers.. She got a new boy, and that was the same guy she dated during my sophomore year but he handled his temper much better than before.. So K and I finally saw each other at my graduation..

We hung out couple of times after that– things are different than they was in high school but I’ll always consider her my best friend.. She’s the one who made me who I am today.. I went through her depression, drug stages, bipolar moments, and she went through my problems with my mom, and other things with me.. After I looked back at those times with K– I knew I can go through anything..

At this moment, life’s hard but.. If I can go through this craziness with K, I can do anything.. Because of me, K is alive today and she got accepted in job corps.. I cannot wait to see her graduate from job corps and to get her GED. She’s still one of the smartest people I know but she don’t know that she’s actually smart..

I love her, and I still want to meet more people like K because I know they’re one of the best people in the world and they just need someone to encourage me.. If you meet someone like K– trust me, it’s worthwhile getting to know them..

If it got too deep, it’s OK to back off and just let them learn their own mistakes.. K learned her own mistakes and now she knew I’ll always be there whenever she wanted me to instead of me being automatically there for her..

The reason why I’m updating this? I’m having my own issues with one certain person who seems like she’s worse than K, and I knew I cannot help her.. I just have to tell her to get professional help soon..

2nd semester= blur

March 2, 2009

Time actually went really fast this semester 😉 It felt good, but at the same time… Classes became a blur to me, I didn’t really remember any of my classes this semester like I did last semester.. This week is midterms, which is kinda stressful time for me.

I cannot wait for Spring Break, just to get away from Gallaudet for awhile.. Then I’ll get an “Oregon drug” from my mom and brother’s visit after my spring break. I cannot wait to see them.. My mom is the rock in my life, my brother’s one of the most amazing guys I have ever known. I still wish my dad is coming for visit but NOPEY DOPEY.. He’s saving up his vacation time for Crescent Lake– my summer home =] That’s more important to me!!

I had one most interesting weekend at Gallaudet. We went duck pin bowling, had crazy time in metro, ate sushi, watched movies, shopping, and being a therapist for one friend of mine… [Picture of Me in Metro]


I also found roommates for next semester last weekend, soo WOW!! Tons of things happened and more more things just keeping happening to me.

In my little cardboard box

February 21, 2009


This is how I feel at this moment.. Just stuck in my little cardboard box.. I wish I knew what’ll happen in the future.. I have NO idea but I think I want to major in FCS {family & child studies}

It’s just one of those afternoons.. At this moment I’m upbeat and positive when this afternoon I was wondering why was I at Gallaudet but then I reminded myself I wanted to come for an reason and.. I’m not done at Gallaudet.. I’m so excited to see where this semester leads me to..

Learning process of life….

February 12, 2009

Every semester you discover something new.. I honestly think this is my semester that I am discovering  myself. I looked at a journal I started in my junior year in high school years.. I haven’t finished it, only a half finished journal. That’s saying something because I finished my 8th grade & 9th grade journal within those years.. I’m writing in this one for two years and I never wrote in it last semester.. This semester is about documenting memories, and learning more about myself. Like I said in my first blog.. My first semester I was worried about an ex boyfriend of mine. I was stressed out without really noticing I was. One of the pages in my journal has a heart with roots, thorns, and growth from the heart.. I doodled in it for three days ending of my senior year but I never really looked at it until now. I finally understood what I doodled.. It’s all about protecting my heart, it’s about growing and letting people in, and learning.. I’ll always love people who I had memories with even if the person is cold hearted about it now… This doodle made me appreciate people I loved and lost.. It also made me appreciate the people I loved and never lost.. I know who I am because of people I loved and I know where I stand at.. The roots in the heart obviously represents the roots I have with my family, my home in Oregon, and my friends.. It’s quite amazing how a little doodle can make you really think about your past and the person who you are today.

I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but like I said.. This semester is all about learning.. I have no idea what I want to major in. I’m taking variety of classes to see what I want to major in.. Digital Imaging– for majoring in photography.. I was really annoyed that there’s only 12 students at Gallaudet University that can get in the class.. Most people I know– are honor students so they pick their classes first.. I wasn’t able to have the photography class but digital imaging is required for a photography major so it doesn’t hurt to take it.  I’m not exactly sure if I wanted to major in photography anyway.. I’m also taking sociology to see, I doubt I’ll major in it.. Sociology gave me something to think about though. I’m  taking psychology and it’s a fun class.. We talked about our earliest memories and I cannot wait until I start analyzing people and understand why they think like that and why they react like that.. Nature vs Nuture proves both have influences on people.. Psychology is quite an interesting subject for me. I’m also taking history because it’s amazing to see how technology changed the way of how we do things, how we think of things and history is what affects us people for who we are today.. Last but not least- I’m taking required GSR 150 course. Classes this semester should be interesting considering the variety of classes I have and hopefully by the end of semester I will find out what I want to major in instead wandering around and having people asking me what I’ll major in. Most of them told me it’s ok after learning I don’t have major just yet, but it’s quite annoying to see that people know what they want to do with their lives..


This picture is how I feel at this moment.. Life’s full of magic and there’s alot of new sparks of changes.. Eventually I’ll find out what I want to major in and what I’ll learn this semester.


February 9, 2009

Negative facts about Gallaudet? It’s way easier to get sick here than in Oregon.. My roommate and I got sick for a week for different reasons.. It certainly was a crazy week trying to get well considering classes here aren’t like in high school.. You’re only allowed to miss 3 classes per semester or your grade can be pulled down by one letter grade.. It’s bad that attendance is required at Gallaudet.. It’s a good thing for me considering I was one of the worst students in my high school.. Teachers loved me for my honesty, they also hated me for it.. My attendance at Oregon School for the Deaf wasn’t perfect.. I almost always missed my first period all during high school.. I honestly had no idea how the heck I graduated from high school based on my attendance.. I also never studied for classes.. I barely did homework– it was horrible… So when Gallaudet accepted me, I was shocked considering I was never a serious student.. After my first semester at Gallaudet– I became a morning person who likes to stay up late at nights.. It’s the weirdest thing but I certainly nap more to make up for lost hours of sleep..

It doesn’t matter where you come from, moving to Gallaudet is huge adjustment.. I can safely say this– it was worth it. I have adjusted to the time difference, waking up early, having no car, && having an roommate.

New blogger

February 1, 2009

Gallaudet now has a new blogger…

First of all, my name is Jeri Elizabeth Watson. Ever since I was born, my nickname was Jeri Beth from my parents. I was born and raised in Oregon.. I come from a hearing family and they’re the best family I could ask for.. Ever since they discovered my deafness, the whole family started to learn sign language. To me, my mom is the core of the family because she’s the one who understood my language the best. She’s the one who I talk to about everything– most of the time.. Naturally– some college kids would keep certain things secrets from their families. While my mom’s the core of the family, my dad’s the one I have looked up to ever since I was baby. I was daddy’s little girl ever since birth. Even though my dad wasn’t fluent in sign language, I always find myself wanting to be around him. We bonded through soap box derby [ I raced for 10 years- I retired my senior year in high school] & we bonded through our passion for photography. My parents are happily married for 22 years now. With my family, my brother is the one who doesn’t try hard enough like my parents do to communicate with me.. It’s tough on me sometimes, but I love him to death and I know he loves me to death. He’s always in his own little world, but when I came home from college, he usually opened up to the family more so in his way– he’s showing that he loves me.

So enough with the family.. Now– more about meee =]

Why am I most loyal to Oregon? It was where I first dribbled basketball, first time I spiked in volleyball, first bicycle ride, first snowmobile ride, first time I snowboarded, first kiss, first love, first time I snapped a photo, and there’s many last times.. Last good byes, last kisses, last tears, and last drive.. I’m very proud of where I came from. Oregon is the most beautiful place to me. My favorite lake is in Oregon; I basically grew up on Crescent Lake. It’s a second home to cousins, my uncle, my aunt, parents, and my grandparents. Crescent Lake is like a foundation of youth, every summer I came back to the lake.. The inner child inside of me certainly burst out and I was at peace. It was also the lake where I made most of my decisions.. I thought more, played more, tanned more, swam more, & I was content with everything when I’m there. The reason why I’m most loyal to my home state isn’t because of Crescent Lake but it was one of biggest reasons =P

I’m at Gallaudet for the 2nd semester– I graduated from Oregon School for the Deaf in 2008.. During winter break, some family members of mine asked me when I’ll go back home. I was confused why they would think DC is my home now? I kept saying– this [Oregon] is my home. Next time they asked– they would ask “When are you going back to school” That was better for me when they said that..

Second Semester came and it is better than my first semester.. I have to confess– it was mostly my fault why I wasn’t content with my first semester.. I started to think– yes.. Gallaudet is home in certain ways but not just yet.. My friend who’s a third year student at Gallaudet can’t really stand being at home.. I couldn’t understand why until this semester came.. During my first semester, I was still committed to my ex boyfriend– we weren’t together but we kept acting like we were together so we fought about what’s wrong if I did that or this at college. We fought that we didn’t have enough time to talk. We fought for various of reasons.. I got stressed out and I worried about what I can do & what I can’t do at college.. I didn’t feel any freedom. It felt like he can do whatever he wants when I couldn’t. It was tough on me, and I couldn’t eat.. I tried to eat but I wasn’t ever hungry.. Just before my first semester ended, my ex boyfriend said everything between us was over. In some ways, I felt relief.. So when the second semester came, just a few days so far, it was already better than first semester.. It was a new year, new semester & I ate more.. All I have to worry about is myself.. Gallaudet is starting to be my comfort zone but my heart will always crave for Oregon and not Gallaudet. At this moment– Gallaudet is where I want and need to be.. I have no idea what will happen at end of my life at Gallaudet.. Will it end in 2 years or would I graduate from Gallaudet? I just know I have to be here & I’m happy to be here.


Rose & me [She graduated from same high school as I did]