10 reasons why I love Gallaudet


10– People would page you at randomest times whenever they wanted to watch movie, free pizza, whenever they’re going to cafe & wanted you to join them.. [[Had great time tonight just chillin & eating pizza =P]]

9– Communication [simple as that]

8– The opportunties that Gallaudet offers 😉

7– Learning how to live on your own and learning more about yourself

6– People because it’s interesting how to analyze people && make friends here.. Everyone have their own opinions at Gallaudet..

5– Gallaudet always have events, so you never really get bored around here..

4– You do things at Gallaudet that you never imagined you would have done.. [like eating sushi last weekend]

3–Sports && they’re deaf friendly here..

2– Gallaudet’s traditions && history plus ghost stories 😉

1– Everything there is DEAF FRIENDLY


Those reasons are’t in any specific order 😉 Tonight I just decided to tagged about 65 of my facebook friends and tell them reason why I love them to death because you never know if it’s the day they really needed to hear it the most.. I’m so glad I did it because one girl actually told me she was having bad day until I tagged her. I miss being random like I used to be in high school, so I just went ahead and tagged 65 people and talked about memories I had with them & why I loved them..  Now I’m updating this to tell you why I love Gallaudet.. I think everyone have to experience Gallaudet at least one year.. I will never regret coming here, I thought I would.. I didn’t because I met so many people && had tons of memories and this semester is nearly half done.. I can’t believe it..

Spring Break’s coming soon.. I cannot wait to go to Cancun with my friends, then see my mom & my brother.. I cannot wait to show them around DC because it’s starting to feel like my third home.. Crescent Lake will always be my second home 😉

Pst– I hope I can go to RIT for Brickfest 😉

One Response to “10 reasons why I love Gallaudet”

  1. gutiffany Says:

    I totally have to agree with this. Gallaudet may have negative things to though, but honestly can you name one place on this earth that is perfect. I think we are lucky enough that we may have some problems but for most of us the positives outweigh the negatives. Keep it up JB 🙂

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