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Gallaudet now has a new blogger…

First of all, my name is Jeri Elizabeth Watson. Ever since I was born, my nickname was Jeri Beth from my parents. I was born and raised in Oregon.. I come from a hearing family and they’re the best family I could ask for.. Ever since they discovered my deafness, the whole family started to learn sign language. To me, my mom is the core of the family because she’s the one who understood my language the best. She’s the one who I talk to about everything– most of the time.. Naturally– some college kids would keep certain things secrets from their families. While my mom’s the core of the family, my dad’s the one I have looked up to ever since I was baby. I was daddy’s little girl ever since birth. Even though my dad wasn’t fluent in sign language, I always find myself wanting to be around him. We bonded through soap box derby [ I raced for 10 years- I retired my senior year in high school] & we bonded through our passion for photography. My parents are happily married for 22 years now. With my family, my brother is the one who doesn’t try hard enough like my parents do to communicate with me.. It’s tough on me sometimes, but I love him to death and I know he loves me to death. He’s always in his own little world, but when I came home from college, he usually opened up to the family more so in his way– he’s showing that he loves me.

So enough with the family.. Now– more about meee =]

Why am I most loyal to Oregon? It was where I first dribbled basketball, first time I spiked in volleyball, first bicycle ride, first snowmobile ride, first time I snowboarded, first kiss, first love, first time I snapped a photo, and there’s many last times.. Last good byes, last kisses, last tears, and last drive.. I’m very proud of where I came from. Oregon is the most beautiful place to me. My favorite lake is in Oregon; I basically grew up on Crescent Lake. It’s a second home to cousins, my uncle, my aunt, parents, and my grandparents. Crescent Lake is like a foundation of youth, every summer I came back to the lake.. The inner child inside of me certainly burst out and I was at peace. It was also the lake where I made most of my decisions.. I thought more, played more, tanned more, swam more, & I was content with everything when I’m there. The reason why I’m most loyal to my home state isn’t because of Crescent Lake but it was one of biggest reasons =P

I’m at Gallaudet for the 2nd semester– I graduated from Oregon School for the Deaf in 2008.. During winter break, some family members of mine asked me when I’ll go back home. I was confused why they would think DC is my home now? I kept saying– this [Oregon] is my home. Next time they asked– they would ask “When are you going back to school” That was better for me when they said that..

Second Semester came and it is better than my first semester.. I have to confess– it was mostly my fault why I wasn’t content with my first semester.. I started to think– yes.. Gallaudet is home in certain ways but not just yet.. My friend who’s a third year student at Gallaudet can’t really stand being at home.. I couldn’t understand why until this semester came.. During my first semester, I was still committed to my ex boyfriend– we weren’t together but we kept acting like we were together so we fought about what’s wrong if I did that or this at college. We fought that we didn’t have enough time to talk. We fought for various of reasons.. I got stressed out and I worried about what I can do & what I can’t do at college.. I didn’t feel any freedom. It felt like he can do whatever he wants when I couldn’t. It was tough on me, and I couldn’t eat.. I tried to eat but I wasn’t ever hungry.. Just before my first semester ended, my ex boyfriend said everything between us was over. In some ways, I felt relief.. So when the second semester came, just a few days so far, it was already better than first semester.. It was a new year, new semester & I ate more.. All I have to worry about is myself.. Gallaudet is starting to be my comfort zone but my heart will always crave for Oregon and not Gallaudet. At this moment– Gallaudet is where I want and need to be.. I have no idea what will happen at end of my life at Gallaudet.. Will it end in 2 years or would I graduate from Gallaudet? I just know I have to be here & I’m happy to be here.


Rose & me [She graduated from same high school as I did]


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  1. Matthew Says:

    Whoa! You look pretty hot with that ‘slick’ headstyle. Ditto your friend. Bald chicks rule!

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