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Coming Soon: Photo Tour of Gallaudet!

September 11, 2011

It seems that every week, I’m sitting in front of a computer, racking my brain for a new gblog topic. Which is why it’s hard to post very often; I’ve run out of ideas!

But, a couple of days ago I got the idea to do a photo tour of Gallaudet. Every week, I will post a bunch of photos (taken by me) of a building or two on campus and add a few comments, as if I am your own tour guide. I’m not sure which building I will start with yet, but I promise there will be a new post next week with some pictures.

Why am I doing this? When I was a high-school student, I knew absolutely nobody at Gallaudet, so I didn’t have access to a lot of the common knowledge that most Gallaudet students have. Which left me wondering: What do the dorms look like? How many dorms are there? What do the classrooms look like? And so on… It’s my hope that, with this photo tour, I’ll be able to answer some lingering questions my readers may have.

I’m looking forward to this, hope you are too!



Training camp kicks off for Football

September 7, 2011

It’s that time of year again where college football teams across the country begin preparing for their upcoming football season. We just checked in and got equipment today. We had a team meeting and went over all the rules and the schedule of training camp itself. This year, we are fighting to win the conference championship. Going into camp this year, we have 83 players showing up on campus to prove themselves. Myself being a returning starter at wide receiver, I have much competition at my position with a lot of incoming freshman. Half of the team is made up of freshmen this year. Coaches are going to really push us hard these next two weeks in preparing us for the upcoming season. I am looking forward to an exciting year as well as going out to win the conference championship. We have a lot of potential.

Summer 11

September 7, 2011

Well, now that summer is officially finished for me, it is back to school and football. This summer, I was busy with a lot of things. I have a job at home in which I work for my uncle’s business and ship medical supplies. I also got the chance to go and visit my girlfriend and her family in Chicago. But mostly, I have been busy preparing for the upcoming 2011 football season. I lifted and ran everyday throughout the week, training myself so that I could become a better football player. Summer this year was abnormally hot in the Pittsburgh region. Caused me to have a lack of energy throughout the days. I got to hang out and catch up with many of my friends from home. But most importantly, I got to spend some quality time with my family. Summer after your first year of college can be a great relief, though I did miss many of my friends here at Gallaudet.

A Happy Problem

September 1, 2011

Another day… another semester at Gallaudet University.

Classes started for us undergraduate students this recent Monday and we are all becoming reacquainted with the things that go along with being a college student, especially the never-ending stress.

As for me, I’m a fifth-year student this semester, basically an old fart. Truth be told, I feel very much older than the members of the freshman class, when in reality, I’m not that much older.

In the midst of a class I had a few days ago, a discussion began among my classmates about Gallaudet’s “happy problem.” Someone stated that this semester, most of the dorms on campus (we have 5) are full and that there is a lengthy waiting list for students wanting a dorm room. Our professor then joined in and stated that this was certainly a problem, but a happy problem.

What does this mean? Well…

After the 2006 protests, Gally’s reputation was a bit besmirched. Some have said that Gallaudet received less funding from donors and that fewer students enrolled at Gallaudet University. It was questionable if Gallaudet would ever heal from the protests.

Over the years, Gallaudet began and continued a process of rebuilding and evolving. Improvements were made, new ideas flowed, and people began to feel hopeful that a new era was about to begin at Gallaudet (forgive my corniness).

The result of all that hard work? Dorm rooms that are almost completely full with a population of incredibly diverse students. That’s a pretty happy problem to have.

Since my first year here in 2007, Gallaudet has changed so much, all for the better. It’s amazing to see this place that feels so much like home to me, continue to improve.

Here’s hoping that more happy problems appear, and that they’re, of course, solved!