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February 25, 2007
oy. so “busy” is the word that I’m going to use to describe my life here at Gallaudet.
Really, it’s not too bad, I’m just lazy and I really like to sleep. haha.
I just finished my busiest week that I’ve had so far this semester, and I’m probably going to have to keep going at this pace for the rest of the semester.
I started work ) I’m at the Clerc Center, and so far, I like my job. The downside, however, is that I spend a lot of isolated in an office, in front of a computer doing research and stuff, and I consider myself to be more of a peoples-person, but hey, I’m expanding my horizons! It’s also nice because I finally get to do research on things that I’m interested in and I’ve actually learned quite a bit. So far I have had to look up different places that support hearing parents that find out that their child is deaf/hard-of-hearing, and I’ve had to lick envelopes (not the highlight of my week, let me tell you that ;) ). I learned quite a bit about cued speech though, which was something I was never too familiar with.So…you’re working…and now all of the sudden you say you’re busy?No. That’s not it, silly! I also got sucked into playing on the Gallaudet softball team. You see, when I first got here I had already decided that I wasn’t going to play on the softball team, even though in previous years I had said that I was interested in playing. I decided that I wanted to work and focus on school, and maybe work on making a few new friends. Well…last semester when I was picking my classes I decided that I missed softball enough to take the beginner’s softball gym class (double whammy! I got to play a sport that I love **and the only sport I can actually play!** while getting gym credit). But…my teacher was also the Varsity softball coach and on the first day of class she told me that she recognized my name because we met a few years ago when I came here to visit and I told her that I was interested in playing. Just my luck, softball tryouts began that week and she asked me to go. I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to just tryout, so off I went at 9:30 in the morning on a Saturday.
Totally worth it! I LOVE being on the team!! Before coming here people told me that the best way to meet others is to go to parties and be outgoing…my advice: join a sport, club, sorority, etc…much better, aaannndd people remember you the next day!! The whole team is VERY nice, and I think we all get along very well. The coaches are awesome as well…even if they do make us run! I think that playing for Gallaudet will be a huge change from my high school team, where no one got along and our coach was a jerk that no one really liked. So its nice…a very healthy change.
So, on top of work and softball, I also have school. It’s a complete drag, and some days I just want to drop all of my classes. But…if I do that then I’d have to go home…and I’d rather stay here. So I will just keep trying, and work hard to pass all of my classes!!So, right now, I’m really tired because I have to get up early every morning, and today is the first day I can actually SLEEP IN for the first time since I’ve gotten here!! And it’s about time!Soon I will be going to Texas!!!!!!! I believe I already talked about Texas, but I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIIITTT!!!!!!!Okay, I have to hurry up and straighten my hair, I’m going out in a half an hour.ciao