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The “Hearing Experience,” Part III

August 30, 2008


Football Season


I decided that in order to get the full experience of Gallaudet University, I needed to attend a football game.  I had heard something about a big drum, and, to my disappointment, it was not used in the game.  I think they use the drum for practices since the Deaf and Hard of Hearing players can feel the reverberations of the drum and not hear the shriek of a whistle.  Because the drum was not present, I wondered how the players would know the end of a play or when the whistle had been blown.  Well, they did not know.  If the whistle blew and the player’s back was turned to the referee, then he continued running for a few more yards before stopping.  It was quite hilarious though, watching the referees running about blowing their whistles incessantly and waving their arms like maniacs, trying to get the attention of the football players.  I felt sorry for them, but I think that it would have just been better for everyone if they brought out the drum.


Buff and Blue


“The Buff and Blue,” the student magazine, was one of the first awakenings I had to the values of the students and faculty at Gallaudet.  In “The Buff and Blue” there were articles concerning the expected information such as Gallaudet’s accreditation (Gallaudet’s standing with the MSCHE is improving rapidly and later gaining full accreditation), sports, SBG, classes, and the coming election.  However, the magazine also discusses how freshmen can drink like experienced seniors and hide liquor from RA’s; what bars students should visit; how students could keep a boyfriend/girlfriend at Gallaudet and one at RIT at the same time; and what pornographic websites to check out.  The issues also do not ban the use of profanity either. 


I was shocked.  I know that we have the freedom of the press, as stated by our Constitution, but we also, as a university, should be careful (I think) how we use that freedom.  We should want to make good impressions to students and other people outside the Gallaudet realm and having other people read our magazine is not one of the ways to accomplish sending a positive message to others (especially conservatives) about Gallaudet if we are writing columns like these.


The Wisdom of a Simple Motto


Many people ask me if the students and faculty at Gallaudet accept me.  I would say, yes.  Most students are completely open to having hearing (signing) friends.  I will say that the better you can communicate, the more accepted you would feel.  I say, “feel” because I do not think that most students disregard hearing students because they are hearing or even because of their personality, but because they cannot communicate.  Communication is important for every relationship and forming friendships with Deaf people is no different. 


Faculty is a different story though.  I have found most of the professors to be kind and accepting, but a few obviously hold a lot of animosity towards hearing people in general.  I just avoid those professors if possible. J  Otherwise, hearing people should not fear being accepted in the Deaf-World.  I remember a few weeks before flying to Gally that I was nervous about being accepted by the students.  I should not have been so afraid.  My fear was unnecessary, needless, and pointless.  So, what can you take from this experience?  Follow my high school volleyball motto: “No fear!  No excuses!  Just do it!”  Come to Gallaudet, expecting to make friendships, learn, and grow. Reach out to others and they will reach out to you.


An Anticlimatic Beginning to a Climatic Semester

August 27, 2008

While everyone yesterday asked each other, “How is your first day of class?” and everyone responded back, “So far, so good,” I was having to answer, “I haven’t had my first day of school yet because I only have Tuesday and Thursday classes.” The result: those who had so kindly and boldly asked about my first day would mumble, “Oh,” their beaming faces turning downcast, and then they would turn around and walk away defeated. I was becoming depressed simply by watching their reactions to my perfectly honest and kind reply. I almost wanted to lie and say, “My first day of school has been great!” but I could not bring myself to do it.

One of the assistant soccer coaches asked me the same question, and I gave the same reply as I had given everyone else. Instead of looking defeated because of my answer, she looked at me and said, “So the first day of school is kind of an anti-climatic event for you, huh?”

She was right. I had not thought of it that way, but she said it perfectly. Everyone was talking about the first day of school, and I could not because I had not experienced it yet. My friends were already talking about their first classes, their first teachers, and their first homework assignments, and all I could say was, “I haven’t had my first day of school yet because I only have Tuesday and Thursday classes.” No wonder everyone was looking so downcast at my reply! What an anti-climatic beginning to a climatic semester!

First day of School..

August 25, 2008

Well, today is the first day back to school. Definitely a crazy day with tons of students and the advising office has been packed with new and returning students needing to make changes with their schedules or to add or drop classes due to cancellation and so on. I’m excited about being back, it’s been great  bumping into old faces and meeting new people. It’s the start of my 2nd semester here at Gallaudet.

       I would like to spread the word about Gally women’s soccer team. If any of you girls are intersted in playing we would most definitely love to have new players who wants to committed to the team and love to play soccer. We could use those extra legs, so if you are thinking about wanting to join the team, email the coach Sarah Gumina at

   Hope each and everyone of you have a great first day at school! Enjoy! Got practice in a few hours…

Back to School

August 25, 2008

Although I have already been back at Gallaudet a week now, due to preseason soccer camp, it feels like school should not be starting tomorrow. At least my classes do not start until Tuesday, but still, I do not know if I am ready to get back into the normal fall routine. This semester is going to fly by, I know it. I will not even have time to think about it. On Tuesday and Thursday, I will have class from 8-5:20 and soccer practice or games afterwards. Thank goodness Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and the weekend are a little slower pased with either a game or practice every day, homework, sightseeing, blogging, and hanging out with friends. I am telling you, the semester will be over before I even realize it began. I am sure it will be the same with you, too, so make every moment count for something memorable and worthwhile. 🙂

All I can say is that I am thankful that two-a-day practices are over. I am sore, sunburned, and sleepy. So, because I do not have class tomorrow or a 6am practice, I am sleeping tonight until I can sleep no more. Then, off I go to run my errands and go to practice at 4:00. Well, I am about to fall asleep here at my desk, so I will bid you all adieu and goodnight!

School’s About to Begin… again.

August 23, 2008

Oh lord. Is it already Saturday? School begins Monday and I must confess, I am SO not ready to go back to school. I’ve become used to working and not worrying about classes, homework, teachers, projects, etc. (On that note, I need to send my transcript to Gallaudet from Oakton for this recent summer asap). Anyways, yeah. Monday is so soon… and I’m just stuck on summer.

I started working again on Thursday after confirming with my supervisor that I was returning to work Wednesday. Let just say that I am NEVER moving another piece of furniture for the rest of this weekend. Lord. I got a chance to check out some new changes ahead of everyone else. The library has a new study center by the women’s bathroom on the first floor. It’s called Deaf Library Study Center. It’s gorgeous. There are five new tv carts for people to watch movies for class or pleasure there, four new computers, a new videophone, and a television. There is room for people to bring their own computer or have a small study group (of course, there are also other rooms in the library for private study groups). I brought in two tables for the room during the whole moving stuff.

My room’s a terrible mess. My roommate arrived last night to move in some stuff and then shift furniture around. I haven’t gotten around to cleaning it up after she left (and I had to do my laundry on top of it) so the room is a mess. I’ll probably do a cleaning thing tonight because it’s starting to bother me (the common area too). I’m still stuck on the whole “school can’t be starting yet. I’m not ready.” but at the same time, I am. I’ve been here for the entire nso week and I have to say that when most of your friends are still at home and you have really nothing to do at night, it’s hard to find something to do. Especially when your computer is STILL being sent out.

Looks like it’s time to help some friends move in. Gotta go!

4th of July

August 19, 2008
Ricky and my bro Lamar

Ricky and my bro Lamar

We celebrated the 4th of july at the Baltimore Harbor. We had a great time. Yes we did get rained on but you know we made the best of it. They had a beautiful display of fireworks on this night. They have a mall across from the harbor where you can go shopping and hang out. We had a great time.

Summer’s over?????

August 17, 2008

Well, summer is definitely winding to a close.  I stayed on campus for the summer although I did a lot of traveling.  The campus is picking up more life with each passing day.  The SLCC is nearing completion and I think people are even moving in already.  Athletes have already arrived, and more are coming this week.  All of this has got me feeling a bit reflective.  This time last year I was making the drive from Texas with my mom in tow.  I was scared out of my mind as I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  Dorm life, classes, new people, it all seemed so overwhelming and I had no idea what to expect.  Now, a year later, I love my life! I’m so glad I had the courage to face the unexpected and plunge into Gally.  To all the new students, just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and in no time you’ll feel at home in this new place.  I am so glad that I am no longer the new kid on the block, and am really excited about my second and final year on campus.  Hopefully, it’ll be a good one.

Why Youtube can be addictive…

August 12, 2008

Lately, well last week to be specific, I’ve been youtubin’ quite frequently. Growing up as Deaf person, when I buy a new CD, the first thing I do is check and see if there are any lyrics in the cover book.If there are no lyrics, I’d go on the world wide web and find all the songs by google or yahoo. Then I ususally will try to follow the lyrics of the songs carefully. At times I’d get so frustated and upset. When I have reached to that point, I go to my mum, I’d show her the lyrics and play the song, then read her lips and try and follow it while she point along the words for me. It helps alot. But now with youtube I type the name of the songs with lyrics. I come across loads of videos with lyrics you can follow, which is AWESOME. It helps alot and now I no longer have to ask my mum to help me follow the words. I have done this with youtube alot, but just last week I was youtubin’ all day. This is why youtube can benefits Deaf people.

I Missed the Game!!

August 12, 2008

US women’s soccer team won in a match against New Zealand in the olympics.. a victory of 4-0. They scored just seconds after the game started, AND I MISSED IT, because I was asleep. The game was scheduled to be on telly at 4:00am. I still can’t believe I missed the game… I had assumed that it was midnight when I woke up, but it was actually 4am and I didn’t know the time was wrong…


Back in the day…

August 11, 2008

Have you noticed when there come a time when certain things from the past come  back and becomes the most popular trends of all time? All the coolest trends are now come back from the 80’s… Fashion rocks! We love the 80’s!

Shutter shades!

Skinny jeans

Jelly shoes..