Why Youtube can be addictive…


Lately, well last week to be specific, I’ve been youtubin’ quite frequently. Growing up as Deaf person, when I buy a new CD, the first thing I do is check and see if there are any lyrics in the cover book.If there are no lyrics, I’d go on the world wide web and find all the songs by google or yahoo. Then I ususally will try to follow the lyrics of the songs carefully. At times I’d get so frustated and upset. When I have reached to that point, I go to my mum, I’d show her the lyrics and play the song, then read her lips and try and follow it while she point along the words for me. It helps alot. But now with youtube I type the name of the songs with lyrics. I come across loads of videos with lyrics you can follow, which is AWESOME. It helps alot and now I no longer have to ask my mum to help me follow the words. I have done this with youtube alot, but just last week I was youtubin’ all day. This is why youtube can benefits Deaf people.

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One Response to “Why Youtube can be addictive…”

  1. Nicole Marsh Says:

    I do the same with youtube, it’s so great! =)

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