School’s About to Begin… again.


Oh lord. Is it already Saturday? School begins Monday and I must confess, I am SO not ready to go back to school. I’ve become used to working and not worrying about classes, homework, teachers, projects, etc. (On that note, I need to send my transcript to Gallaudet from Oakton for this recent summer asap). Anyways, yeah. Monday is so soon… and I’m just stuck on summer.

I started working again on Thursday after confirming with my supervisor that I was returning to work Wednesday. Let just say that I am NEVER moving another piece of furniture for the rest of this weekend. Lord. I got a chance to check out some new changes ahead of everyone else. The library has a new study center by the women’s bathroom on the first floor. It’s called Deaf Library Study Center. It’s gorgeous. There are five new tv carts for people to watch movies for class or pleasure there, four new computers, a new videophone, and a television. There is room for people to bring their own computer or have a small study group (of course, there are also other rooms in the library for private study groups). I brought in two tables for the room during the whole moving stuff.

My room’s a terrible mess. My roommate arrived last night to move in some stuff and then shift furniture around. I haven’t gotten around to cleaning it up after she left (and I had to do my laundry on top of it) so the room is a mess. I’ll probably do a cleaning thing tonight because it’s starting to bother me (the common area too). I’m still stuck on the whole “school can’t be starting yet. I’m not ready.” but at the same time, I am. I’ve been here for the entire nso week and I have to say that when most of your friends are still at home and you have really nothing to do at night, it’s hard to find something to do. Especially when your computer is STILL being sent out.

Looks like it’s time to help some friends move in. Gotta go!


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