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Dog Days

June 12, 2008

Have you ever had one of those days when things just DO NOT GO YOUR WAY?  Well today, I had a typical Gallaudet dog day.  Not only did I arrive late to campus knowing I had to catch up with people I needed to see in the morning since they would be gone or busy in the evening, but I also had to go through some running around as well.  Being a Graduate student is still equivalent to being an undergrad when processing paperwork.  No seniority is given to those who had already beat their feet across the stage and shook the presidents hand while receiving their diplomaless diploma cover. 

My class was cancelled twice due to insufficient people enrolled for the summer and it held up just about everything.  I not only had to register again (they claimed I never registered in the first place), but also I had to get the necessary signatures.  After doing all of that I took it to registrars’ office just to find out that there has been a hold placed on my account to prevent me from enrolling in classes. 

Come to find out, the University had not received my GRE scores since I was required to take the GRE before enrolling into the Graduate program.  Knowingly, I had already submitted my GRE scores to my advisor and an original was also sent to him I wondered why it didn’t pass on into circulation.  However, I was patient and I got the scores copied from him and took it back to Registrars office with a note from the department chair which claimed I was to be enrolled immediately.  

ARGHHHHH!!!!Topping off a lot of frustration the note was not good enough they needed for me to run back to the other side of campus and get a hold taken off in the Graduate students department.  Still running around the campus like a chicken with its head cut off, I scurried back to Hall Memorial Building and gave them a copy to take the hold off of my account. 

Finally, it was taken off, but to be sure so I didn’t have to run back over there empty handed I asked if they could send a quick e mail to the Registrars offices to let them know it is official.  I was finally enrolled in the class I needed.  


Ain’t no party like a Gallaudet Party, cuz a Gallaudet Party won’t stop!!!

June 12, 2008

Partying is part of college life by nature.  Weather you are the partying type or not you often will find yourself taking a chance or faithfully attending some sort of party in celebration.  The graduation party we went to was one for ages and may not be topped for a long time in my book.  Despite the small dance floor in the Martini Lounge on the Historic H street people tended to dance the night away in celebration of the graduates completion of their degrees or the completion of the end of another looooonnnnnngggggg semester.  

As usual,  I was there with my crew and we are always behind the camera lenses before during and after the party.  The smooth jazz, and R & B thumping through the speakers ended the night as we stepped out the doors to finally hit the racks only to rise again in the morning to clear the dorms and head back to our native hometowns.   


May 23, 2008


      It finally hit home to many of those who are actually finished from all the hard work over the last few years.  Gallaudet had it’s 139th Commencement on Friday May 15, 2008.  My jaws were in for a nightcap after all the happy flexing of jawbones for pictures.  Friends, family, professors, and administrators alike were gathered outside of the Field House to congratulate the “Class of 2008”.  Two things that dawned on me the most were the completion of their bachelors degree by three members of our program Keeping the Promise as well as the Honorary degree given to Dr. Chuck Williams.  I had a chance to sit down with each of the members of KTP before the graduation day and we all had small talk.  When asked how they felt about graduating, there were mixed feelings.  One member claimed he was happy and sad at the same time.  He mentioned that not only is he leaving school but he is also leaving a culture behind which is so unique, it is almost impossible to find it anywhere but here at the Mecca of the deaf world.  All and all, it is time for them to turn to a new chapter in their lives and the transition from undergrad to graduate or to full time employment takes a pounding on everyone. 

      Here’s the word to the wise for all those who are stepping outside those gates for the final time as an undergrad……You will miss 100% of all shots you do not take.  Take chances, risk and make choices to determine where you end up.  Graduation is one step, and the buck does not stop here so continue to pursue your dreams by careful goal planning and realistic choices.  If all else fails “Let go and Let God” guide your path.