It finally hit home to many of those who are actually finished from all the hard work over the last few years.  Gallaudet had it’s 139th Commencement on Friday May 15, 2008.  My jaws were in for a nightcap after all the happy flexing of jawbones for pictures.  Friends, family, professors, and administrators alike were gathered outside of the Field House to congratulate the “Class of 2008”.  Two things that dawned on me the most were the completion of their bachelors degree by three members of our program Keeping the Promise as well as the Honorary degree given to Dr. Chuck Williams.  I had a chance to sit down with each of the members of KTP before the graduation day and we all had small talk.  When asked how they felt about graduating, there were mixed feelings.  One member claimed he was happy and sad at the same time.  He mentioned that not only is he leaving school but he is also leaving a culture behind which is so unique, it is almost impossible to find it anywhere but here at the Mecca of the deaf world.  All and all, it is time for them to turn to a new chapter in their lives and the transition from undergrad to graduate or to full time employment takes a pounding on everyone. 

      Here’s the word to the wise for all those who are stepping outside those gates for the final time as an undergrad……You will miss 100% of all shots you do not take.  Take chances, risk and make choices to determine where you end up.  Graduation is one step, and the buck does not stop here so continue to pursue your dreams by careful goal planning and realistic choices.  If all else fails “Let go and Let God” guide your path. 


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