Dog Days


Have you ever had one of those days when things just DO NOT GO YOUR WAY?  Well today, I had a typical Gallaudet dog day.  Not only did I arrive late to campus knowing I had to catch up with people I needed to see in the morning since they would be gone or busy in the evening, but I also had to go through some running around as well.  Being a Graduate student is still equivalent to being an undergrad when processing paperwork.  No seniority is given to those who had already beat their feet across the stage and shook the presidents hand while receiving their diplomaless diploma cover. 

My class was cancelled twice due to insufficient people enrolled for the summer and it held up just about everything.  I not only had to register again (they claimed I never registered in the first place), but also I had to get the necessary signatures.  After doing all of that I took it to registrars’ office just to find out that there has been a hold placed on my account to prevent me from enrolling in classes. 

Come to find out, the University had not received my GRE scores since I was required to take the GRE before enrolling into the Graduate program.  Knowingly, I had already submitted my GRE scores to my advisor and an original was also sent to him I wondered why it didn’t pass on into circulation.  However, I was patient and I got the scores copied from him and took it back to Registrars office with a note from the department chair which claimed I was to be enrolled immediately.  

ARGHHHHH!!!!Topping off a lot of frustration the note was not good enough they needed for me to run back to the other side of campus and get a hold taken off in the Graduate students department.  Still running around the campus like a chicken with its head cut off, I scurried back to Hall Memorial Building and gave them a copy to take the hold off of my account. 

Finally, it was taken off, but to be sure so I didn’t have to run back over there empty handed I asked if they could send a quick e mail to the Registrars offices to let them know it is official.  I was finally enrolled in the class I needed.  


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