Best Friend for life


High School had taught me so much, I learned the realities of the world.. It made me grasp for what’s real. One of my best friends, K, is one of the best things that happened to me. She’s bipolar & bisexual.. She certainly helped my views on life..

K & I met during my freshman year, she was sophomore.. She transferred into my high school, I was raised in a christian family. I never saw any suffering, I was well protected, and well sheltered.. I always got what I wanted growing up, my parents always had enough money to have a roof over my head.. K’s family was broke.. We began our friendship during cheerleading, she was mascot when I was a cheerleader..

I would never forget the day K found out her dad died, she was crying in the car.. I suddenly got the weird feeling that everything would change that day.. It was true for her, and kinda true for me because I was her best friend and I learned from her pain, and learned how to help her. K wasn’t a perfect person but she was so smart, she was in honors literature at our school. She began to withdraw from school, I kept making her stay focused.. One day when I had enough of high school, I had the extreme thought to just walk off campus and kept walking until I got home.. When I was only 10 blocks away from my high school, K paged me and asked me if she could come with me.. I agreed, I never thought it was so far away.. We walked 5 miles from my high school to my home, it was one of the best days in high school to me. We both got in school suspension considering, we were skipping school & suspension wouldn’t help so we had to stay in a tiny white room doing homework all day. [I had tough freshman year but– this story is more based on how much K went through]

That was wonderful moment, and there’s alot of craziness happening between her and me.. She was coming out the closet telling me she was bisexual. It was first time I had someone who’s close to me that tells me they’re bisexual. K had crush on me, I always suspected but I never said anything because she always respected my boundaries.. Sophomore year came, she was no longer student at my high school.. She started high school at her school district.. Then eventually alternative school, she started getting addicted to cigarettes, she was seventeen and I was sixteen.. She still liked me, and I loved her like sister.. There’s alot of tough days with her.. I was the best friend that her mom adores because I never liked cigarettes or drugs.. K reduced smoking when I’m around her mostly because she usually never stress when I’m around and she hates it when I see her smoke when I don’t smoke.

Junior year came, she was eighteen and she was dating this twenty-eight year old loser.. He was out of prison when I met him.. A few months later, he was in prison.. K  officially dropped out from high school.. My junior year was the key point where there was strain on our friendship.. K moved to Washington then back to Oregon.. She went to my junior prom as my date. She was still dating that loser, he never liked me since the day one.. He shouldn’t because I always knew K should’ve gotten a better guy.. He ended up in jail, and I was thrilled.. K wasn’t.. He came out, and treated her like crap. She always acted like nothing’s wrong.. I always knew something was wrong.. K and I had huge falling out.. I decided to shut her out of my life..

Senior year came.. I was with my boyfriend at that time.. K and I didn’t talk for longest time until spring of 08.. She wanted to see me at my graduation, I still had her stuffed frog that her dad gave her… Those memories was still there, and there was so many memories between us.. We were there for each other through thick and thin.. She quit drugs for me during my high school years.. She reduced smoking then she started smoking more and more && got in heavy drugs after I told her I couldn’t be in her friend anymore.. So when we finally talked, she was better after she left that jailer boyfriend of hers.. She got a new boy, and that was the same guy she dated during my sophomore year but he handled his temper much better than before.. So K and I finally saw each other at my graduation..

We hung out couple of times after that– things are different than they was in high school but I’ll always consider her my best friend.. She’s the one who made me who I am today.. I went through her depression, drug stages, bipolar moments, and she went through my problems with my mom, and other things with me.. After I looked back at those times with K– I knew I can go through anything..

At this moment, life’s hard but.. If I can go through this craziness with K, I can do anything.. Because of me, K is alive today and she got accepted in job corps.. I cannot wait to see her graduate from job corps and to get her GED. She’s still one of the smartest people I know but she don’t know that she’s actually smart..

I love her, and I still want to meet more people like K because I know they’re one of the best people in the world and they just need someone to encourage me.. If you meet someone like K– trust me, it’s worthwhile getting to know them..

If it got too deep, it’s OK to back off and just let them learn their own mistakes.. K learned her own mistakes and now she knew I’ll always be there whenever she wanted me to instead of me being automatically there for her..

The reason why I’m updating this? I’m having my own issues with one certain person who seems like she’s worse than K, and I knew I cannot help her.. I just have to tell her to get professional help soon..


2 Responses to “Best Friend for life”

  1. gutiffany Says:

    I think that this is a very good blog written. It has personal memories and information, but it shows how many of us here at Gallaudet have different backgrounds. I think that this is a very interesting blog to read.

  2. guwatson Says:

    thank you Tiffany =]

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