Learning process of life….


Every semester you discover something new.. I honestly think this is my semester that I am discovering  myself. I looked at a journal I started in my junior year in high school years.. I haven’t finished it, only a half finished journal. That’s saying something because I finished my 8th grade & 9th grade journal within those years.. I’m writing in this one for two years and I never wrote in it last semester.. This semester is about documenting memories, and learning more about myself. Like I said in my first blog.. My first semester I was worried about an ex boyfriend of mine. I was stressed out without really noticing I was. One of the pages in my journal has a heart with roots, thorns, and growth from the heart.. I doodled in it for three days ending of my senior year but I never really looked at it until now. I finally understood what I doodled.. It’s all about protecting my heart, it’s about growing and letting people in, and learning.. I’ll always love people who I had memories with even if the person is cold hearted about it now… This doodle made me appreciate people I loved and lost.. It also made me appreciate the people I loved and never lost.. I know who I am because of people I loved and I know where I stand at.. The roots in the heart obviously represents the roots I have with my family, my home in Oregon, and my friends.. It’s quite amazing how a little doodle can make you really think about your past and the person who you are today.

I have no idea what I want to do with my life, but like I said.. This semester is all about learning.. I have no idea what I want to major in. I’m taking variety of classes to see what I want to major in.. Digital Imaging– for majoring in photography.. I was really annoyed that there’s only 12 students at Gallaudet University that can get in the class.. Most people I know– are honor students so they pick their classes first.. I wasn’t able to have the photography class but digital imaging is required for a photography major so it doesn’t hurt to take it.  I’m not exactly sure if I wanted to major in photography anyway.. I’m also taking sociology to see, I doubt I’ll major in it.. Sociology gave me something to think about though. I’m  taking psychology and it’s a fun class.. We talked about our earliest memories and I cannot wait until I start analyzing people and understand why they think like that and why they react like that.. Nature vs Nuture proves both have influences on people.. Psychology is quite an interesting subject for me. I’m also taking history because it’s amazing to see how technology changed the way of how we do things, how we think of things and history is what affects us people for who we are today.. Last but not least- I’m taking required GSR 150 course. Classes this semester should be interesting considering the variety of classes I have and hopefully by the end of semester I will find out what I want to major in instead wandering around and having people asking me what I’ll major in. Most of them told me it’s ok after learning I don’t have major just yet, but it’s quite annoying to see that people know what they want to do with their lives..


This picture is how I feel at this moment.. Life’s full of magic and there’s alot of new sparks of changes.. Eventually I’ll find out what I want to major in and what I’ll learn this semester.

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