Blurry moments


This semester went by extremely fast. I barely could remember my teachers names this semester.. Last semester felt like forever..

I barely could keep track of what had happened since Jan 20th, the day I flew into Washington D.C. After I shaved my hair– time went extremely fast.. Now it’s March 10th, and my spring break starts in five days.. My mom paged me saying “Things must be going well. Haven’t heard from you in several days.”  I normally page my mom everyday & let her know about exciting news.. I haven’t told her about many things that happened at Gallaudet.. Everyone’s counting down to Spring Break.. All I want is to pause time for awhile and just to sit.. I’m trying to remember what’s happening so far.. Maybe pictures will be better way to show my blurry days..


bald day– it’s NOT a Gallaudet tradition.. It’s a freshman unofficial tradition & it’s NOT hazing to me..


one of those crazy nights =D


Valentine’s Day [[ we went to cheesecake factory and had bllllllast]]

Things that are.. When a new semester came, new people you wouldn’t think you would be friends with or never thought you would be friends with.. Sometimes there are new crowds you would hang out with after first semester ended.. That’s what happened to me.. I became close to one girl that I never thought I would be that close to.


LISA– she rocks!!

I would NEVER forget my freshman year @ Gallaudet.


One Response to “Blurry moments”

  1. gutiffany Says:

    I like how well you explained the blog here.
    Same I never thought I would be friends with some of the people i am friends with, you for example. I honestly never thought I would be friends with you. As well Lisa, I never noticed how sweet and funny her personality is. We kind of get stuck up in our own world and not realize how fast the time really flies by.
    I hope that time will go slower.
    I know when it is time to leave Gallaudet, it will be as if I am leaving my home behind.

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