Boys Boys Boys


Relationships are hard.. That’s general knowledge.

I just wonder– what is the secret success to every relationship that worked?

My senior year I was in very very very serious relationship which in the end killed our friendship. He was really serious about it when I freaked out and I knew I was going to Gallaudet.. I ended it and went for the goofy guy at my school, this guy liked 3 girls at the same time.. I had to fight for him, and in the end.. It wasn’t worth fighting for because those two girls were my friends.. We all made up and I’m still friends with this goofy guy.. I went back to my ex boyfriend  for the next seven months and had a wonderful summer together then I went on to Gallaudet, that was the start of downfall of our relationship.. For me, long distance doesn’t work.. I constantly had to worry about how he feels, and what if he wasn’t ok with me hanging out with guys, clubbing, and that gave me a lot of stress my first semester at Gallaudet. He ended it two days before I was supposed to come home for my winter break.. Strangely enough I was content with it, but I felt like I wasted my first semester at Gallaudet because of him..  During winter break, BAM another guy came in my life.. We had a short fling, nothing serious but I kinda wanted more than just a fling. I just wanted a guy to be there for me more than just be there when he wants to. Winter Break ended and I was still talking to the fling guy, we ended up really good friends.. I wish all the best for him..

Now, I’m so GLAD I’m SINGLE at Gallaudet.. No way that relationship with last guy would’ve worked out..

I would never forget my first love in senior year, or those guys in my life.. At this moment, some people suggested me to find a guy that would make me happy.. I just want to hang out with my gay friends because they’re my comfort zone && nothing would happen =] =] I’m also tired of dragging things out of straight guys when they’re not sharing anything.. MY GAY friends share, and I love that =]


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