Negative facts about Gallaudet? It’s way easier to get sick here than in Oregon.. My roommate and I got sick for a week for different reasons.. It certainly was a crazy week trying to get well considering classes here aren’t like in high school.. You’re only allowed to miss 3 classes per semester or your grade can be pulled down by one letter grade.. It’s bad that attendance is required at Gallaudet.. It’s a good thing for me considering I was one of the worst students in my high school.. Teachers loved me for my honesty, they also hated me for it.. My attendance at Oregon School for the Deaf wasn’t perfect.. I almost always missed my first period all during high school.. I honestly had no idea how the heck I graduated from high school based on my attendance.. I also never studied for classes.. I barely did homework– it was horrible… So when Gallaudet accepted me, I was shocked considering I was never a serious student.. After my first semester at Gallaudet– I became a morning person who likes to stay up late at nights.. It’s the weirdest thing but I certainly nap more to make up for lost hours of sleep..

It doesn’t matter where you come from, moving to Gallaudet is huge adjustment.. I can safely say this– it was worth it. I have adjusted to the time difference, waking up early, having no car, && having an roommate.


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