2nd semester= blur


Time actually went really fast this semester đŸ˜‰ It felt good, but at the same time… Classes became a blur to me, I didn’t really remember any of my classes this semester like I did last semester.. This week is midterms, which is kinda stressful time for me.

I cannot wait for Spring Break, just to get away from Gallaudet for awhile.. Then I’ll get an “Oregon drug” from my mom and brother’s visit after my spring break. I cannot wait to see them.. My mom is the rock in my life, my brother’s one of the most amazing guys I have ever known. I still wish my dad is coming for visit but NOPEY DOPEY.. He’s saving up his vacation time for Crescent Lake– my summer home =] That’s more important to me!!

I had one most interesting weekend at Gallaudet. We went duck pin bowling, had crazy time in metro, ate sushi, watched movies, shopping, and being a therapist for one friend of mine… [Picture of Me in Metro]


I also found roommates for next semester last weekend, soo WOW!! Tons of things happened and more more things just keeping happening to me.


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