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Have you noticed that not a lot of people attend women’s sports games in college and in high school? I am wondering why it is that not a lot of people going to watch our women’s sports game? A lot of women are complaining that not a lot of people attend our games. For example, we had a soccer game and only 10 people watched us play compared to the men’s soccer game, where more than 10 people attended. My question is why men sports games have more attendance than women sports games? Have you noticed there are not a lot of women college sports or professional sports on TV? I think it is not fair for us, women, that we are not as noticeable. Unfortunately, not a lot of men care to watch women’s sports. Not a lot of women watch sports because they may not be involved in sports or see no visual aids with women sports on TV or in college or in high school.

I want to talk about my experience back in high school related to women sports. In my senior year in high school, I played varsity basketball. When we had games, not a lot of people showed up for our games even though we won games. Some students think it is not a big deal to watch the girls’ basketball games because it is boring and dull games and they also think it is pointless to watch girls. Some people says it is better to watch boys basketball game because it has dunking, 3 pointers, and awesome ball tricks. There were not a lot of people attending our games. I went to boys’ basketball games and the gym was totally packed. Is it because the boys’ basketball team was good? Does the boys’ basketball team have a lot of entertainment? Who knows the answer?

I think it is better way to get  other people to support women sports is to recruit them to come and watch us play. It would be cool if we have a lot of visual aids at Gallaudet University to come and watch our womens’ soccer games. I wish there is something we can do differently like give away free shirts to support our girls “Bribe” people to come in a good way. 🙂

Today in the United States, not a lot of people attend or watch women’s sports. People would rather watch men’s sports instead of women sports. I think it would be better and easier for people to come and watch both men and women sports game to show their support. It would be cool if Gallaudet University students come and watch all sports including soccer. Someday, it will eventually change and a lot of people will watch and support all sports including women sports (volleyball, soccer, swimming, softball, and track).


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  1. ForeveryYoungThoughts Says:

    At my highschool, the girls basketball team had the best record in the school, and came 3 games away from the State Championship game. Did this increase attendance rates? nope not at all. The boys still had packed games. The reasons i heard is: the game moves to slow, guys are cute, its boring. Lame excuses.

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