homecoming weekend


Homecoming spirit week started on Sunday, the same day we had a game against Medgar Evers. We lost the game. I think we did better in the second half of the game and we should have prevented two scores and ended up with the score 4 to 2 instead of the final 6 to 2.

My day on Friday started with my ASL class then my math class. I had nothing else for the rest of the day until soccer practice from 3-4:30. I didn’t practice because I was injured from the other day at one of my soccer games. After soccer practice, I ate dinner with the girls and got ready for the pep rally and the women’s and men’s basketball scrimmage. At pep rally, we did a lot of activities and in the end of the pep rally, there was a basketball scrimmage against each other’s teams (women and men). After the pep rally, my soccer team and I slept at the Field House (gym).

Saturday morning, I woke up pretty tired but excited for our soccer game for my first Homecoming. It was my first time playing soccer game for Homecoming. I ate breakfast with my soccer team  breakfast then we checked out a lot of the booths on the street between Hotchkiss Field and the SLCC and SAC. I didn’t stay there for long but I watched the first quarter of the football game and our Gallaudet football team was killed by other the team 21-0 in the first quarter. It ended up with Gallaudet football team lost to other team from 44 to 9. I never saw so many people in the stands before.

We had a soccer game against Kings College and we lost the game 6 to 0. after the game, we went out to dinner with a high school player who might play for our Gallaudet women soccer team next year. Overall, it was a blast, but it would be better if we actually won our soccer game for the first time in the soccer season. The last time the women’s soccer team won a game was on October 4, 2006.

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