Busboys and Poets, National Cathedral, and the oh-my’s


Ok, call me crazy for updating on homecoming week but I finished my assignment for tomorrow so I thought why not bother to update the blog. So, here I go!    On my birthday which took place two weeks ago, I wanted to DO what I want. Last year it was on a thursday and it was not ideal to celebrate on a school night but I did anyway! Ever since I took Art History, I fell in love with the subject itself even though I had a beginning hate relationship with it. Taking Art History requires lots of memorizing and that’s a very “traditional” learning method which I didn’t like. One of our projects was to go to the National Cathedral and observe the cathedral structure, so I went and met my soulmate: Washington DC National Cathedral. Basically it is a HUGE cathedral standing proudly in the DC area.  Lovely huh? This time I went with my friend: Alicia and my trusty digital camera instead of carrying around a textbook and a thick worksheet to be filled out. We took the metro and got off the Tentleytown/AU station and took the 30 digit bus to cathedral avenue. Before we did that, we stopped by Whole Foods supermarket which is full of organic eats! We got ourselves a light cheese lunch and a drink. We arrived at the cathedral and went inside- amazingly we bumped into Art History students who were doing their project! We went to the top and I began my photo-taking frenzy. 

Posing in the front of West Facade 

On the top of the world, well not really; on the top of D.C. probably. 

I love how the rays sink in 

One of my favorite details on the cathedral

The structure used: The Flying Butress 

Do you see what the lens show? Ok enough with pictures- I laid on the grass and went on with my Art high. I slept, ate, and took pictures with Alicia. I was very satisfied with what I did on that special day- the day my mom screamed while giving birth to me! Later that night, I went to a hookah bar and enjoyed hittin’ it down with my girls at Adam’s Morgan. We ate at a joint named Tatsu, this restaurant has its own style of setting. The restaurant is designed with many different tables from places and antique furniture which was cool, we got to seat ourselves in comfy couches and order our food. The only con is that the place gets full at night and its harder to have the option of having your own table so you end up sharing with strangers. After that- hookah bar then my girls kidnapped me to a surprise party, another one this year! Again, I enjoyed this! 

Several days after my birthday, I went out to eat with several of my friends to Adam’s Morgan again. I don’t think I can ever get enough of Adam’s Morgan. We ate at a restaurant called Busboys and Poets, oh boy I love that place! It has a bookstore full of poetry books, political books, and environmental books. We waited for our table as I observed the place (Pardon my being, it is an inner-nature of Art History minor) and noticed that they had many powerful artworks on Obama. Since I’m a Democratic, I felt right at home instantly- the environment was very dark yet they used bright curtain fabric (lime green) with white lamps. We got our table and the room next to our seating was a slam-reading room, which was decorated with lots of vintage “peace” spelled out in many languages on the wall. The food there is very good, you must try the bruschetta. I’ll go back there and try some more courses for sure.


Other than this, life’s good as usual. Maybe a bit too fast.


Until the next time I blog!





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One Response to “Busboys and Poets, National Cathedral, and the oh-my’s”

  1. sheramblings Says:

    love the shot of the shades, grass and the castle…build your memories…take your shots…LIVE!

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