Imagine Peace


Preparing for the big weekend DANCE performance at Gallaudet University. I am so excited while anticipating tomorrow morning show, which is the start of the performances. After dancing for 13 years you would think I am used to breaking a sweat in practices, but this performance is by far my most challenging. I am in 11 numbers which involve memorization, techniques, and plenty of practices! I must say with the help of my wonderful family that consists the dance companys’ members we had been each others support and motivation. This show is going to be GREAT and I can’t wait for the LIGHT, CAMERA, and ACTION!

Come watch !      This Friday, March 28th 10:30 am and again 7:30pm

                            or Saturday, March 29th at 7:30pm


2 Responses to “Imagine Peace”

  1. guvita Says:

    [laughs] it was amazing when I watched your rehearsal other night. I was impressed with the costume and the dancing – thumb up! Am def…going for final night show!

    I’d watch how good you are. ha ^_^

  2. gujenelle Says:

    Thank you for coming Vita! I am glad to hear that you enjoyed it!


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