Homecoming 2010


Homecoming here at Gallaudet is a wonderful and fun time for many people here at Gallaudet. The week is full of activities for students to become involved with. Each graduating class has a competition everyday throughout the week, whether it be crazy dress up day, or opposite gender day. Many Gallaudet alumni come here to celebrate the Homecoming. One event held on the weekend is the football game. Before the game, Alumni were opted to walk in a parade and embrace the moment. After the parade, The football team shows off their talent on the field. This year, we beat Anna Maria in a well fought battle. It was a great game for both teams. To conclude the ceremonies, a big bash is held by the Homecoming Committee. People go there to socialize with their friends and dance on the dance floor with lots of great music playing. Since Homecoming was around Halloween, The theme of this years homecoming was Halloween. Many students dressed up in their costumes and went to the bash to dance.

Homecoming was a great experience for me. It showed me what an actual college homecoming was like. I got the chance to participate in the activities offered throughout the week, as well as go to the bash. Overall, I could say it was a week to remember here at Gallaudet as a freshman.


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