Dorm Life


Outside of school and activities here at Gallaudet, dorm life is a great experience. There are five dorms here at Gallaudet with a new dorm soon to come. The freshmen live in Benson Hall, as the upperclassmen choose to live in either Ballard West, Clerc Hall, Carlin Hall, or Peet Hall. All these dorms are a great place to live during your college years at Gallaudet. Each floor has its own lobby for socializing, as well as television, so you can watch what you want to watch.

Dorms can be a major social area while you are here at Gallaudet. As a freshman, I always hang out around my dorm and spend time with friends out on the floor lobbies. It is a great way for me to interact and learn. Since I do not have a TV, I often go out to the lobby to watch my favorite TV shows. If I have homework, and I want to be alone, I often go out to the lobbies to get it done. It is often quiet with little distractions other than people walking back and forth out of the elevator.

Your own living space is valuable as a student here on campus. You live with one other person if you do not have a single person room. Each room is big enough to fit all of you belongings in. The dorms are equipped with free wifi, so you can access the internet easily. If you need to ever do laundry, you can always go down to the basement of the dorm you live in, and take advantage of the machines offered.

Dorms are a great addition to college life. They can be beneficial both socially, and academically. Enjoy your stay here at Gallaudet with some of the best dorms you will ever find.


One Response to “Dorm Life”

  1. kathy poland Says:

    Has the new dorm opened yet? If so what is it like?
    I was told to request Carlin Hall as it would suit me best.

    Thank you.

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