Abby Wambach Out of the Olympics… OMG!


I was so sad when I heard the news on ESPN like a week or two ago. Abby Wambach is one of my currently new favourite players on the US women’s national soccer team, besides Hope Solo. It was hard enough when the well known players like Mia Hamm (Who is my idol), Julie Foudy, and the other 2 or 3 that retired. I believe Abby to be the next Mia Hamm of the team. When I heard that she broke her leg (fibula and tibula) during a 1-0 victory game against Brazil, I was stunned. I did not understand the idea of breaking a leg in a soccer game. It’s like hearing Mia Hamm isn’t going to be playing in the Olympics. I sure will be wearing my soon-to-be new gold Abby Wambach jersey for all the upcoming games they will play next month. The USA team will still be the greatest team you’ve ever heard of with or without Abby, but still won’t be quite the same.


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