Home from New Orleans


I’m back! As I mentioned already, Gallaudet won College Bowl! Unfortunately Dr. Davila was unable to attend due to a family emergency, but our provost Steve Weiner was there along with several BoT members, graduates, and friends of Gallaudet. And we did it! I will tell the truth, I was so nervous leading up to the competition, but once I was onstage it was just like it always has been when I have done academic competition. You get your head in the game and you just play, and you hope you win. Like I said on the NAD vlog about College Bowl, the way to get smart is by reading. And our team is full of strong readers! I can’t wait till the next contest…we get a year off and then it’s time to start practicing again. But hopefully at Homecoming this October, we will have another “alumni vs. students” game, because that was fun.

Anyway, the rest of the NAD conference was great too! I did NOT want to leave on Friday morning. It felt SO good to be surrounded by deaf people for a whole week! I bet that’s what the DeafCruise is like too…maybe I’ll have to go on that after all. But by the end, the thought in my mind was…”you mean I have to rely on my ears again?” As a hard of hearing person, I can go back and forth between worlds pretty easily…but after being surrounded by the warmth of the NAD conference and over 1,000 deaf people, I didn’t want to leave! Hopefully I will feel that warmth again when it is time for the new semester to begin. Over the summer I spend a lot of time being “hearing” though…nobody in my family signs, and for work I have to listen to interpret, and it’s just more work than being in a deaf environment.

Now, as for Bourbon Street…it was okay. There was a huge party put on by HOVRS on Wednesday night, but it just didn’t hold my interest. It was great in terms of deaf networking, but you had to have a wrist band to get in, and not all of my friends did. So I left instead…I’d rather party with my friends. (Let the record show that Rob O’Connell still owes me a drink because we won College Bowl!) The most popular drink on Bourbon Street is the hand grenade, and I had about four of them over the course of the week…good stuff. Little did I realize at the time that it’s melon-based; knowing that, I bet it won’t be too hard to replicate, just need to buy some Midori. I don’t think I need to revisit Bourbon Street though, or even New Orleans…nice town, but too hot. I can’t wait to find out where the next NAD Conference is!


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