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Coming Soon: Photo Tour of Gallaudet!

September 11, 2011

It seems that every week, I’m sitting in front of a computer, racking my brain for a new gblog topic. Which is why it’s hard to post very often; I’ve run out of ideas!

But, a couple of days ago I got the idea to do a photo tour of Gallaudet. Every week, I will post a bunch of photos (taken by me) of a building or two on campus and add a few comments, as if I am your own tour guide. I’m not sure which building I will start with yet, but I promise there will be a new post next week with some pictures.

Why am I doing this? When I was a high-school student, I knew absolutely nobody at Gallaudet, so I didn’t have access to a lot of the common knowledge that most Gallaudet students have. Which left me wondering: What do the dorms look like? How many dorms are there? What do the classrooms look like? And so on… It’s my hope that, with this photo tour, I’ll be able to answer some lingering questions my readers may have.

I’m looking forward to this, hope you are too!



Britney’s Back!

September 8, 2008

I’m so thrilled to see Britney win 3 awards at MTV VMA. She won for BEST FEMALE VIDEO, BEST POP VIDEO, and VIDEO OF THE YEAR.. She’s coming back!

I hope she will  have a tour coming up someday soon. I will be sure to go no matter the costs.

My Last Day

June 1, 2008

For my last day in DC before heading home for the summer, I decided to spend the entire day sightseeing one last time. It was amazing. I wanted to do some new and old things around the city, so my first stop was a new place for me–the National Aquarium. It cost $5 to get in and was smaller than I expected, but not any less fascinating. I had never seen live sea horses, so that was one of my favorite things at the aquarium. There were also a bunch of other kinds of fish, snakes, frogs, sharks, aligators, and turtles. Isn’t God’s creation beautiful?


I then walked from the National Aquarium down the National Mall to the Library of Congress. It was not my first time to go to the Library, but this time I did not feel rushed and could take my time, marveling at the architectural beauty of the place. If you have ever been there before, you know that the walls and ceilings are covered with famous peoples’ names, famous quotes, and such. I found some interesting ones, including Gallaudet’s name and several quotes including: “Science is organized knowledge,” “Beauty is truth. Truth beauty,” “There is but one temple in the universe and that is the body of man,” “nature is the art of God,” “The Light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not,” “One God. One law. One element. And one far-off divine event to which the whole creation moves,” and “knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.” Some people say that our founding fathers did not establish our country on Biblical principals, but I must disagree. Anyways, I also saw Thomas Jefferson’s library, which was his library with all of his books categorized exactly as he had them. It was neat!


After the Library of Congress, I decided to visit the monuments and my favorite haunting ground, the WWI memorial, one last time before I headed back to campus. It was a gorgeous day, and I am thankful for the opportunity to have gone out into the city one final time, but boy, did I feel it the next morning! I was exhausted and sore and had to wake up at 5:30 am to head home. It was worth it though!

El fin!

A Day with the Cherry Blossoms

April 27, 2008

During the Cherry Blossom Festival, I decided to walk along the Tidal Basin and enjoy the infamous blossoms for which DC is so well-known. They were incredibly gorgeous and nothing I can say and no pictures I have taken can match their beauty. A friend put it this way, and I could not have said it better than she, “I think this is what heaven will look like.” I think she is right. I have never experienced anything so beautiful as walking beneath the canvas of those intwined and bowing branches covered in perfect pink and white blossoms. Some of the petals fell like rain around me, adding to the beauty of the experience.

Here are some of the blossoms up close!

I did a little photo shop work on this picture, but I thought the cherry blossoms looked incredible in black and white.

I walked all the way around the Tidal Basin to the Jefferson Memorial and FDR Memorial, enjoying the flowers.

Here, the cherry blossoms gleam in the afternoon sunshine.

This is me and the cherry blossoms with the Jefforson Memorial peeking out of the corner of the picture.

Now, imagine this: the beauty of those cherry blossoms framing the Washington Monument, completely surrounding a surreal lake. It was breathtaking!

This is what I walked under around the entire Tidal Basin.

There were throngs of people (tourists) at the Cherry Blossom Festival. Here, many of them sat on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial to rest and enjoy a little musical entertainment.

Here is the man himself–Thomas Jefferson. 

The FDR memorial was quite interesting. There were many statues, fountains, and engraved quotes on vine-covered walls. I liked this statue of FDR and his dog. Isn’t the dog cute? At any rate, I spent the whole afternoon at the Tidal Basin and then enjoyed a fireworks display with friends that night. It was spectacular! I hope all of you come to see the cherry blossoms next spring! I guarantee that you will not be disapointed!

What to do?

April 13, 2008

I have been thinking lately about what a blessing it has been to be here in Washington, DC, the nation’s capitol. There are so many opportunities here to see things that I would have never had the opportunity to see had I never come to Gallaudet. I think about the typical college student who comes here to this amazing city and seldom leaves the confines of the school grounds or the all-too-limited hot spots such as Union Station, Pentagon City Mall or Wheaton Mall. There is a whole big world out there! Enjoy it while you are here!

I figure that most people do not even know where to begin when they are trying to plan their weekend excursions. I suppose I will do my best to give an easy guide for those wishing to add a little spice to their free time.

First, I will start with the most obvious of things to do while here in DC. From the Smithsonian metro stop, you can access a whole world of opportunities that took me all of last semester to complete. The National Mall with its monuments and museums is definitely a must. Some museums are worth the visit, such as the Museum of Natural History, National Gallery or Art (both the west and east wings), Freer Gallery, Sackler Gallery, Air and Space Museum, Holocaust Museum, Jefferson Memorial (with the Cherry Blossom Festival in March and April), and the Botanic Gardens. Others are somewhat decent and are prone to various preferences such as the International Gallery, Museum of African Art, Hirshorn Museum and National Museum of the American Indian.


From the Archives metro stop, which is not far from the Smithsonian stop or National Mall, there is the National Archives (of course), Newseum (but it costs to get in, the other museums do not cost anything), and the Old Post Office Building, which has an incredible view of DC from its tower. There is also a Starbucks and a few restaurants in this area for those of you who get hungry or thirsty during your adventures.

From the Capitol South metro stop or by walking down the National Mall, one can easily access the U.S. Capitol and the Library of Congress, which are both worth the trip. If possible, arrange with your state’s senator or representative to give you a tour of the capitol. Farragut West and McPherson Square metro stops both are near the White House. For tour information, call 202.456.7041 or visit their website at


Other places that are worth a visit include Georgetown (wonderful shopping and dining experiences and various festivals throughout the year), the National Cathedral, the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (the 5th largest cathedral in the world and the largest in the U.S.), DuPont Circle (FYI it is the gay district in DC and it also has great restaurants and coffee shops), the DC Zoo at the Woodley Park-Zoo metro stop, the Ballston Mall, Arlington Cemetery, and Mount Vernon.

I encourage any students or visitors to DC to take advantage of these opportunities. They are all free! I didn’t even list the places you can go if you have money in your pockets (except for the Newseum)! There is so much culture and history and neat things to see. Instead of going to the same old Union Station to look at the same old stores and to eat the same old food, go to one of these places. I hope that you accept this challenge and in turn reap the wonderful benefits of having ventured out into the hub of our country’s capitol.