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Extra extra!

March 13, 2008

Here’s what went down in the past week. In the research world, the saga papers continue to pile up, data continues to be collected. In the meteorological world, we got a taste of spring, with sides of wind, rain, clouds and sun. That is, until Friday. Let’s just say, April showers came in March. In the Gallaudet students’ world, midterms are over. Among the cheers, there are also groans because spring break will not be here for another week. Why can’t we have spring break right after midterms, like we have winter/summer break right after finals?


Never a Dull Moment

March 13, 2008

Yes, I find research exciting. However, things have been rather slow at the Cave lately.


While Dr. Clark was away at a conference in sunny California, we, the VL2 Psychology interns, and VL2 staff had the pleasure of being in cold, dreary Washington, DC. Thank goodness for the coziness of the Cave, though. What was to be our biggest day in research turned into a flop when Gallaudet was closed. Good, because we all needed a break, and not so good because we missed out on collecting data. We actually managed to fill every time slot for the Guessing Game that Friday, but Mother Nature had something else up her sleeve…well, perhaps the sun will shine again next week? 🙂

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