Spring Practice Coming to a Close


As the school year ends, so does spring practice for my football team. We have gone 5 long weeks of intense training to help prepare for the upcoming season. Spring practice is a time for the players to help improve there skills and practice their plays. Coaches evaluate every player so that they can have an idea of where to put everyone when training camp starts. I have been working hard and helping to improve myself to become a better wide receiver. I go through drills and run plays and learn all at the same time. It is a great experience for me as a freshmen, as i have learned a lot from my coaches.

At the end of the spring practices, we are all tested on lifting and conditioning. These tests are given to show the athletes and coaches what they need to work on in the summer. It is a great opportunity to show everything that you have put into the past winter.

Coaches then assign a workout that needs to be followed in the summer while the athlete is at home. They give lifting and running activities to each player to help improve what they have done in the previous test. When training camp comes, the athletes are expected to come back better than they were when they first arrived. This is crucial to help show the coaches what you can do on the football field.


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