JumpStart Program


The JumpStart program is a great opportunity for students here at Gallaudet. It is a summer program that begins in middle July, and ends about the time school starts. It is an opportunity for people to become better students in the classroom, make new friends, and get a feel for Gallaudet and it’s surrounding environment in Washington, DC. JumpStart is divided into two parts; New Signers Program and Academic success. Many freshmen choose to attend this program to either learn ASL, which is the New Signers Program, or to simply take classes to help them in school, such as Math, or English, which is part of Academic Success. All students are assigned peer counselors to help guide them through their experience at Gallaudet. JumpStart also offers activities such as Personal Discovery, and Field-Trips to museums in DC.

New Signers Program is chosen by students who want to learn ASL and become better signers. The Students attend classes everyday in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon as well. It is an opportunity that is given so that students who don’t know ASL can be prepared for when school starts and know ASL. If you feel you won’t fit in, trust me, you will. I was a new signer when i first came here and attended the New Signers Program. It taught me the basics of ASL so that I was able to communicate with people who already knew sign and are deaf. I know it will help you just as much as it helped me. It’s a great experience to remember and you won’t regret it.

In addition, Academic Success is a program offered in JumpStart to students who want to become better at a subject. The two subjects covered are math and english. If you have struggled in high school with any of these subjects, it is a great opportunity to learn from a great teaching staff. The teachers are current faculty members and will help you become a better student at the subject. You will learn a lot from this program, and will be a better student when fall comes around.

Classes are not the only activities that are a part of JumpStart. Students will participate in Personal Discovery. It is an outdoor activity that gets students involved with teamwork. You will get to know your peers better this way by participating in this activity. It will help you become a better leader. I know it helped me. Also, you will get the chance to go on field-trips to museums. Museums vary from the Art Museum to the Holocaust Museum, and others. It is a great experience for students to be involved.



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