Fraternity/Sorority, and Student Sponsored Activities


Gallaudet is a great place to be because of the events that students, fraternities, and sororities provide. Many students enjoy these activities that they go to because they are so fun. Even though you have to pay for your ticket, they are still worth the experience. Fraternities and Sororities often schedule dances and parties for students throughout the year. The Student Body also sponsors activities to help students stay involved and interact with one another.

Fraternities and Sororities set up dances and parties for the students each year. They provide music, refreshments, and games that keep students involved. If you don’t have anything going on during the weekends, that is your chance to go and have some fun. You can go with friends, or even make new friends there. Many people opt to dance while they are there becuase it is so much fun. Nothing hurts to show off you dance moves and the dances. It is a great way to interact with people and will make your night enjoyable. So take advantage of the dances and parties set up by these groups, because they are worth it in the end.

The student body itself also sponsors on campus activities. Many dorm staff people set up activities for students to learn about something new and interact with each other. The students also set up dances themselves. For example, every now and then, a themed dance is set up for students to go to. These dances are at the Rathskellar Pub, where you can eat and talk to friends as well as dance. These activities are all free, which should help you to save money. Nothing hurts going out and seeing what these activities are like, because they are a lot of fun.


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