Gallaudet Interception gets Attention


In Septmember of 2010, The Gallaudet Football team’s defense made an outstanding play that may as well go down as one of the most attention-grabbing plays of all time.  The play itself was set up uniquely to stop an ensuing first down of the opposing team, Castleton State, our fellow conference rival in football.

To break the play down, the defensive secondary dropped back to play pass protection, while Castleton State dropped back to pass.  The quarterback was under pressure, forcing him to throw to the first receiver he saw.  The ball was overthrown to the sideline, but was in the reach of sophomore linebacker Tom Pangia.  He reached up, but the ball tipped his fingers and went over his head.  Freshmen cornerback Tony Tatum was running towards the sideline, and jumped out out of bounds, and made a basketball-like tip of the ball back inbounds while still in the air from his jump.  Safety Shelby Bean was luckily in the right place at the right time.  He caught Tony’s tip, and ran in 3 yards before being tripped up by the opposing player.

This play has grabbed a lot of attention from many well-known networks.  It was first displayed on YouTube.  It was then voted play of the week by  To add to all that attention, it was picked up by Sports Illustrated, Versus, Yahoo, and even ESPN.  It was featured on ESPN’s top 10 plays of the week and grabbed the number 2 spot.  The video is still viewed on YouTube, and is close to two million views.  A video is posted below so you can experience the excitement of the great play. Click the Link to watch.

Gallaudet Interception


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