Why I Chose Gallaudet


There are many reasons as to why I chose Gallaudet over my other choices of schools to attend for college.  Gallaudet has been a great choice for me from the start and I do not regret it.  Gallaudet offers many majors of your choice and also has many student services to assist you in if you need help.  The education here is high quality with a great staff.  The teachers will know your names when you walk past them in the halls because they have small names to memorize.  They will also sit down and help you with anything you may need help on.

Gallaudet uses American Sign Language as its first language.  Therefore, it provides me with direct communication.  I never had this type of communication back at my elementary or high schools, which made it hard for me to understand information.  When I found out about ASL being the primary language, I knew that I would succeed better academically than i did in mainstream schools.  Sign language has helped me to better understand information discussed in classes so I don’t have to ask the teachers to repeat what they said.

In addition, I chose Gallaudet because it has many people just like me; Deaf.  I finally can understand what it feels like to have someone just like me talking to me and in class with me.  When I was in mainstream schools, I never had this opportunity, and felt left out socially and academically.  Now I can communicate effectively with my fellow classmates and friends here at Gallaudet.

Gallaudet has many activities to offer, such as sports, theater, etc.  One of the reasons i chose Gallaudet other than for education was to play football.  It has helped me to stay active in my life and make me a better person.  I always dreamed about playing football at the next level, and here I am, playing college football for the Gallaudet Bison.  Although it is a small Division 3 program, it has been a great experience to be a part of the team.  The coaching staff is excellent, along with many players that I am friends with.  If I chose to go to another bigger school, in which I considered before I learned about Gallaudet, I would not be playing football like I am now.

Gallaudet is a great school to consider if you’re ever having trouble deciding on a college to attend.  Schedule a visit sometime and see for yourself what I saw.  Everyone has different opinions, but it won’t hurt to take a couple days out of your life to experience the wonderful environment Gallaudet University has to offer.  I know I made the right decision by choosing to come to Gallaudet, and I know you will too.



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