Spring Practice Kicks off for Bison Football


Spring is the time of year where college football teams begin to prepare for the upcoming season.  It is a time to improve as a player, and as a team.  Gallaudet’s football team finished the 2010 season 5-5 with a fourth place standing in the conference.  With that in the past, we look to build on what we accomplished and be ready for the 2011 season.

The football team practices three days a week while also lifting three days a week.  The practices include position drills along with team sessions to practice running the plays in the system.  The coaches get a feel of where the players are at right now so they can make adjustments for when training camp begins in August.  It is crucial to every player that they work their hardest during this time of year so that they earn their starting positions in the fall.  I was a starting Wide Receiver as a freshman for the Bison.  Though my stats from the previous season weren’t the best, I am working hard this spring to build on that experience and become a better athlete next season.  Spring practices also have a bit of fun added to them.  With many players missing practice on Thursdays because of classes or other sports, the coaches tend to try and make Thursdays a fun day for the players that show up to practice that day.  If we are lucky, we get to play a few games that still help to make us better players and keep us in good shape.

Spring Training for Football is a time where you learn from your coaches and you put in what you learned when you are on the field playing against some of the best schools out there.  It is important to put foth your best effort so you can win that spot you’ve always wanted and be out on the gridiron on a Saturday afternoon in the Fall.


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