Football Team’s Community Service


As Spring is in full swing here at Gallaudet, and the weather is beautiful, many people like to do work on campus to make Gallaudet University as beautiful as possible.  With that in mind, the Gallaudet football team is participating in community service by making a garden out in front of the cafeteria.  Coach Chuck Goldstein made a commitment to the cafeteria staff that our team would help make a beautiful garden that would stand out and draw attention.  All the players from the team are required to show up and participate to help build the garden.  The work being done was a three day process which required a lot of time and effort.

To start off, bricks were brought in to help outline and shape the garden.  Players would line the bricks up and the put in dirt to the designated areas.  Also, dirt was also to be packed inside the bricks to keep them from falling over because they were stacked.  Flowers were then planted into the soil to finish off the final masterpiece.  It is a wonderful sight on campus for everyone to walk by it and smile.  The football team worked hard with everyone participating to make the job easy and successful.

Community service is a great opportunity to make yourself a better person.  People look out at you and know they can count on you in the future to do work for them.  It is also a great addition to add to your resume so that employers can look at what experience you have and know that you’re a hard worker no matter what you do.  The community service that i participated in with the football team was a great experience for me as i got to work alongside with other teammates and coaches.


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