Valentine’s Day 2011!


SOOO…. i’m finally not spending this day alone! I met the single most amazing girl i’ve ever met my second week on campus after school started back in the recent August 2010. I met this girl named Britny Latham while hanging out in one of my friend’s room playing video games and hanging out after practice one day. Britny is an athlete for the Gallaudet Women’s Basketball team and is a big difference maker for the bison. When I first met her, I was playing UFC Ultimate Fighter with my friend in his dorm room in the Benson Hall dorm when she came in to introduce herself to the guys that she hasn’t met yet. Upon meeting her, I was a little shell-shocked because of her appearance! She came wearing athletic shorts, basketball shoes, a cutoff shirt, she had an ipod in one hand with big headphones wrapping her ears and in the other hand she had a basketball, on top of that she had a thin headband wrapped around her forehead. She was the ultimate baller and when I first saw her I was thinking to myself “Dang she’s pretty but she’s definitely a tom-boy!”

After introducing myself to her and her introducing herself to me, she left the room and I never thought I’d speak with her again. I imagined in my head later that day what it would be like if I dated her. I haven’t really dated anyone serious growing up because I was shy so it was mostly imagining for me. After talking with her more and getting to know her I finally asked her out. I didn’t have a lot of money so I simply asked her if she wanted to go to the SAC building on a movie night one Saturday evening. After texting and flirting all night, she finally told me that she thinks she likes me! I never in my wildest dreams thought this beautiful girl would ever go for me!

We’ve been together for 5 and a half amazing months so far! We spent Valentine’s Day on campus and didn’t do much because again, I didn’t have any money. I still wanted to show her that I loved her so I bought her a card from the Bison Store on campus and cut out about 200 small red hearts using construction paper. I spread the hearts all over the table in my room and put the card laying down in some of the hearts. I bought two very pretty roses and put them together in a cup of water. The best of all, I had a night light that shined right behind the roses so it looked very dim and romantic. After she came into my room blindfolded with my hands, she finally saw what I spent several hours on! Following her seeing that and reading my amazingly touching card, we danced to a slow Kenny Chesney that always brings us to tears. It was one the most amazing nights i’ve spent with Britny.

Most people think that you need to buy a lot of different things for your loved ones but really, it’s the thought that counts. The one thing that matters is what comes from the heart! Me and her did something very simple with a card exchange and a couple roses and a dance. All it takes is a little creativity and you have yourself a romantic Valentine’s Day!


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