Peer Pressure!


This is something I promised myself I’d never do while attending Gallaudet… fall into peer pressure. It’s a natural part of life really, people will always try to convince you to do something you’re not used to doing. People give in so they can feel like they fit in the group. This is very unhealthy because people nowadays are willing to do just about anything just to fit in a group and feel respected. I have a ton of amazing friends but last year, sophomore year, I fell into peer pressure when it came to drinking and partying. This is something I grew up not doing growing up so it was very disappointing. I’m a football player so most of the guys that I hang out with are on the football team too. We have guys on the team that are cocky and think they’re bigger and better than most people on campus. Those are the guys that influenced me to finally have my first taste of alchohol. It was weird at first because of course i’m not used to it but also because I was known as the only athlete that was innocent and didn’t do that kind of thing.

After hanging out with those guys more and more, I started drifting away from who I really was and started partying more and drinking. This pulled my gpa down from a 3.3 to a 2.1. I’ve experienced things that i’ve never experienced before! I’m not going to lie, some of it was fun. But when I take a step back and look at the whole picture, I didn’t like who I was. I was falling away from who I was raised to be and I was failing in school. I went from a Fantastic Freshman candidate my first year to a party boy who didn’t do good in school. Last semester was embarrasing for me as my cumulative gpa dropped to a 2.1 gpa. This opened my eyes because I came .2 points away from not being able to participate in spring football for my senior year. After going home for this recent Christmas, I did a lot of hard thinking and planning for what I wanted to do for this spring semester. My new year resolutions this year is to quit drinking completely like my freshman year, workout 5 days a week and look better for spring break and summer, and pull up my cumulative gpa above a 2.5. I’m very determined to making all of my goals and plans in life happen and if they’re going to happen, it will start with this semester! So far i’m on track and doing very good! This semester i’m going back to the old Ryan Mahoney from freshman year! Maybe not sooooo innocent like before but you know what I mean! ha


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One Response to “Peer Pressure!”

  1. kathy poland Says:

    Hi! Are you graduated now or one motre year?
    I have been accpted for fall as a transfer student. I hope you do stay away from bad influences as it can destroy people.
    I hope I get in Carlin Hall as I am older and I hope am not influenced to fit in bad ways.
    I barely sign and am mildly hoh. I do hope peeps will accept me as is and not try to expect me to be a hearing person as they do at my current college.

    Best wishes.

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