My Life Goals!!


There are many goals that one can have in life. They can be present goals, short term goals, and long term goals. When people go through life they gather up and set plans for everything they set out to do in life. Most goals are health related such as losing 10 pounds or eating healthy. The best time of year to make goals, long or short term, are at the beginning of the year. New Year resolutions are very important to have although most people end up not following through with them. This year I made a list for myself that had some new short term goals as well as long term goals.

There are several goals I have for the short term. The biggest goal I set for myself for this semester is getting all A’s and B’s. To make it simple, I want to end the semester with a 3.0 or better. My freshman year, I came out on top with a 3.3 GPA and got the Fantastic Freshman award. It was the best semester of my life and everything was going great for me. The next three semesters went downhill for me as I fell into peer pressure and started partying and doing things I wasn’t used to growing up. After nearly not being able to come back this year because of financial aid trouble as well as a low accumulative GPA, it opened my eyes to want to be like my old self again. Getting my financials straightened out way ahead of time is something new I want to do as a short term goal. Twice I have filled out my FAFSA past the deadline and ended up having to take out loans for those semesters. My college career could be free if I get my paperwork done early!

After I graduate, my number one goal is to find me a good, rewarding job that will have a steady salary.  Having a wife and kids is a must as well! I’m the oldest of nine kids so I’ve been a part of a very big family growing up. It’s funny because as I grew up I always thought that nine kids was crazy and I told myself that I would never have a lot of kids so I said I would have one kid and that’s it. Looking back on my childhood, I missed all those times we would all go out to Chuck E. Cheese or just have those simple family movies where we would all get together in the living room with our blankets and watch a movie. I never know what I will have one of these days only God knows but I would love to have three boys and one girl. I guess you can say I changed my mind when it comes to kids in the future! Ha!

When I get to be about age 45, hopefully my kids will have graduated high school and have gone off to college to get them a degree. The biggest dream I have growing up is to see my future kids succeed in life and become the way I am. If I have the privilege to live a very long life, those would be my goals I would like to accomplish.

As you can see I have very big dreams ahead of me. I have all the support in the world and I feel like nothing can stop me if I keep my mind to it! With the help and support of my family, girlfriend, friends, coaches, teachers and counselors…. my goals will become a reality!


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One Response to “My Life Goals!!”

  1. Clara Says:

    I felt so warm and fuzzy after reading this entry, I call this the American dream. I hope to experience the same but way later- being all cuddled up with the rest of your family in a living room sounds very lush. Good luck with achieving your dreams, if someone did it then you can.

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