Facebook and College… uh not good!


This is a VERY interesting topic when it comes to college students. Anyone who has a facebook account knows this, when you’re in college and you have a facebook, it just doesn’t help you as a student! Since making myself a facebook my senior year of high school, it’s been very nice to connect with friends and family and interact with people no matter where I am. It’s become my second form of communication other than my phone. YES… it’s even higher up on the list than emails. Facebook has been a very handy tool for keeping in contact with my high school friends and all of my family around the country but when it comes to doing projects, doing homework, or even studying for tests… facebook is my worst enemy!

The average student at Gallaudet spends about 2-3 hours on Facebook. If that time was devoted to friends, their social status and communication skills would be better. If that time was devoted to school, their overall gpa would probably be a whole .5 points higher. I’m very quilty of this when it comes to important school-related things. I generally spend between 2-3 hours on facebook a day and I really wish I could reduce the time. Because most of my classes during the week are done around 1 and 2 in the afternoon, I have so much free time during the afternoon and evening to relax. When i’m not with my beautiful girlfriend I try to do homework but i’m not doing that, it’s always playing NCAA Football 2011 on XBOX with friends or gazing around on facebook.

This is a good time-budget test for any student. A smart student would disable their facebook during important times of the semester such as mid-term and finals week but most don’t! As a result it takes their focus away from the important things. You could simply minimize your time on Facebook! That’s always a good suggestion but it’s hard to resist. I’ve been making an effort to reduce my time on Facebook and focus on academics so I can pull my GPA back up in the 3.0’s. Facebook is a very good thing to have as a form of communication but it’s important to manage your time wisely and go on only when you’ve finished everything first!


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