Class Schedule Spring 2011!


I am now majorly into my major classes. As a junior there’s really only a few more GSR classes that are required and then you’re finished. As a PE Education major, most of my classes are based on learning about the body, mind, and how to teach and communicate with young students. The classes I have this semester are leaning more on the major side and not the GSR side. One GSR class that’s required that i’m taking is Intro to Psychology. I failed this class as a sophomore (3rd semester) because of the poor teaching of the teacher. The teacher I had was lazy as she sat in her chair during her lecture and didn’t sign very clear. This hurt me because I was a new signer. After confronting her, she didn’t change her style so I ended up failing the class a year and a half ago. It wasn’t just me that failed that year, 13/17 students in that class failed. That’s one thing I learned about picking classes now. Generally I don’t listen to what my friends or peers say about their opinion on teachers and who’s good and bad. After experiencing that semester, I started focusing on the feedback on other students with experience with certain teachers. Sometimes it’s good to listen to your peers to hear what they have to say.

Anyways back on my class schedule!!! I’m taking Sports Safety Training for Coaches class but it also includes CPR so this will give me an opportunity to renew my certification for CPR and First Aid. Classes like these are very enjoyable and hands-on. Another class that’s interesting but tough as well is Kinesieology. This class focuses on the movement of the muscles, joints and also how it’s worked together with the bones. I’m doing ok in this class so far but i’m getting the hang of it. Advanced Discovery is a very good class! This class focusing on teamwork and hands on activities. This class is mostly activities in class that relate to teamwork and communication. This is a great class for bonding and getting to know people. The point of this class is to get comfortable with each other as well. Last but not least I have a class called Fundamentals of Movement, Rhythms and Gymnastics. This class, again, is another hands on class! Actually it’s more of a “feets-on” class! HA! This class focuses on dance and movement of the body and how they coordinate together to form specific movements and rhythmic patterns. This class is very enjoyable!

As you can see my schedule this semester is very active and FUN! This is a great full-time schedule to end my junior year. Just 2 and a half more months before i’m finally heading home to prepare for my senior year! It’s crazy I tell ya!


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