Bald Day!!!


A day I honestly wish I didn’t have to experience! Thinking about other universities… I can’t imagine students getting together to shave their head bald. Bald Day for Gallaudet has been a tradition for many years. It all started when a student had cancer and went bald. Friends of the student wanted to show support and make the student feel better by shaving their heads to be the same. This became a big thing and it stuck as a Gallaudet tradition. This tradition has a good story and meaning to it but when you look at the campus during this activity, it becomes a little to crazy and non-respectable. Some students have various reasons for shaving bald but they all claim it’s to show support for that one students many years ago. Some students shave bald for reasons such as the tradition itself, donation of the hair to a cancer facility for cancer patients, a fresh start, or just simply getting drunk and doing something stupid and regretting it the next morning.

Gallaudet students use bald day the wrong way in today’s time. Gallaudet nearly banded it because of the use of alcohol and the affects of drunk students shaving students who didn’t want to shave. One thing that I haven’t fully understood is the reason behind dying the hair months in advance before the official shave day! If this is for a good cause and donation, then dying of the hair ruins the whole meaning behind Bald Day.

I have several very good friends who joined in on Bald Day to do some good and donate their hair for cancer patients. This is where i’m very supportive of this event. My grandma suffered from cancer last year and overcame it and now is healed! When I see or hear of people that are joining Bald Day to do good, it makes me happy and proud.

It’s funny because for men, their hair grows back in 3 weeks. For women, it takes more than 3 months!!! This is where it gets a little interesting because a lot of our women on campus are bald for most of the year! This includes the very pretty girls with very nice and pretty hair!!! I mean after the girls shave, guys are thinking to themselves..”Dang… she looked pretty with that hair and now it’s gone.” It’s a bummer if Bald Day is done for the wrong reason but also a very good cause if it’s done the right way.


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