Last Game vs Suny Maritime!


Another heartbreaking loss in the final 2 minutes happened as Suny Maritime pulled away with a touchdown to put us away with a score of 21-14. I hate saying this but how many points did we lose by?…. 7!!! It’s very frustrating when you work day in day out, sweat your head off and play with all your heart only to come away losing by one possession on offense. It’s games like this that motivate people for the next season. Losing is never fun especially if it’s the last game of the season or it’s such a close game. We got both! This loss put our record at 5-5 and 4 place in our conference.

The game couldn’t have started any better as we scored a touchdown within one minute of the game starting. Jimmy fired a 61 yard touchdown to Ryne Worsham and put the score 7-0 with just under 14 minutes to play left in the 1st quarter. The following kickoff, our coached took a massive gamble compared to the New Orleans Saints in Superbowl XLIV (44). Coach Chuck decided to do a surprise onside kick with high hopes of getting the ball back. The plan was a success!! After scoring a touchdown within 2 minutes, we were able to score again shortly after. The next play doomed us as we lost our starting quarterback Jimmy Gardner to a knee injury that put him on crutches and on the sideline for the remainder of the game. Backup sophomore Andrew Palmer came in and stepped in big time to lead us to a near-victory against undefeated Maritime. With 5 and a half minutes remaining in the football game, Gallaudet fumbled the ball around the 50 yard line and gave Maritime the opportunity to pull away with a victory.

Coach Chuck Goldstein’s comments after the game:

“It was an exciting season,” said Goldstein, who completed his first year at the helm and second with the program. It was tough to watch Maritime celebrate a perfect regular-season because that easily could had been us. We lost five games by 25 combined points. All of our losses were by eight points or less. That’s one score. We need to learn from those games and start working on the 2011 season.Our senior class helped to build a strong foundation for our future, teams are not going to take us lightly moving forward.”

This is a big stepping stone and a motivating factor moving into the 2011-2012 season! Now that the season is over, we can now move on and focus on a new season. Time to hit the weight-room!


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