8th Game vs Becker


Finally I’m back from my sickness. Monday prepping for the Becker game was very difficult for me. Doing drills, hitting people and even running was very hard because my legs and body felt physically weak after not eating or being active for almost two weeks. By Wednesday, my body started get back into football shape and I wasn’t getting tired so fast in practice. This season has been very awkward for me physically. After experiencing a polinital cyst just before the season opener, I didn’t expect to have any other problems with my body. The thing that made it hard for me during practice was my chest feeling really tight. This made it tough for me to breathe but as time progressed, I was better by Friday and ready for the game.

Our game vs Becker was away so I had to endure another road trip not feeling healthy. The drive was only around 4 hours so it wasn’t so bad and the hotel we stayed in was the Hilton. That was the first time I had ever experienced staying in a hotel as nice and fancy as the Hilton. There was nothing that felt better than sleeping on an amazingly comfortable mattress by myself without sharing. We offensive lineman have the privilege of having our own bed! Not only that but there’s something else we lineman get to do. When it’s time to eat our team breakfast, lunches and dinners….. WE’RE FIRST IN LINE!! Yep you heard that right! Probably the best privilege of all!

Saturday started great, after eating our team breakfast I felt healthier and ready to play. Recovering mentally/physically and having a starting left tackle again helped us Bison take over the game with a 40-12 victory. It was a great bounce back from our loss against Mount Ida. We were able to rack up 305 rushing yards and 440 total yards on offense Our record at this point in the season now is 4-4. Just two more victories and we can repeat what we accomplished last year. Another winning record would make Coach Goldstein’s first season as a head football coach a great success. Here’s the story of the game below.



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