Start of Junior Season 2010!


After anxiously waiting and trying my best to recover from my cyst through camp, it was finally gameday as we faced Merchant Marine Academy. The previous year this game was a bit of a downfall for us as we lost by more than 2 touchdowns on our home turf. This year we traveled to their home. The drive ended up around 7 hours but it seemed much shorter than that. Again, the bus ride was filled with movies, joking around and playing card games with teammates. I never like long bus rides so I have a very interesting strategy, I don’t sleep the night before! If you can catch my drift you might be able to see where i’m heading in this blog. Yes, I slept on the bus! This, for me, shortens the length of the trip. After passing out on the bus, it feels like we’ve been driving for 20 minutes and we’re there! That’s what I like to do.

   Anyways the game was filled with soldiers in the stadium as we played our hearts out to win. This game had Gallaudet University ahead by more than 2 touchdowns in the 3rd quarter. We were clicking on all phases of the game… except for one. Offense was moving the ball very affectively, defense wasn’t allowing and points, but when it comes to the kicking game we were awful. Several days before our first game, the starting kicker and cornerback for the Bison announced to coach he was going to quit so he can focus more on school and graduate in 2 more semesters. It was then we had no kicker so this affected EVERYTHING!!! Field position couldn’t have been better for Merchant Marine. This led to many touchdowns by them as well as a final touchdown that ripped open the hearts of the Gallaudet players, coaches and fans. Imagine losing by 1 point and having that happen with 1 second left on the clock. Here’s the official story on our heartbreaking loss in our season-opener.


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