Gallaudet Football Nationally Recognized!!!


    Despite the heartbreaking loss to Castleton State College the previous week, there was a very big positive that came out of it. We have film of a highlight reel interception that was performed by teammates Tom Pangia, Shelby Bean and Tony Tatum. Castleton had the ball around their own 20 yard line and set up on the line. For our defense, it appeared to look like a pass play was coming. After setting up, the quarterback yells “Hut” and everyone takes off. Hitting, grunting, and sprinting… this looked like your typical pass play. Either the ball was going to be caught for a gain or it was going to be incomplete.

    This play took on a life of it’s own as the quarterback struggled to find an open receiver, rolled out near the sideline to fire a pass to what he thought was an open receiver. The next 3 seconds produced the most impressive play of the season as Tom and Tony reached out in front of the receiver to deflect the ball and send it flying out of bounds. It was then that Tony’s basketball instincts kicked in and forced him to jump out of bounds, still in the air, catching the ball and tossing it back inbounds towards Shelby before his feet could touch the ground. Shelby catching the ball sent him into shock as he took off for the endzone and tripped over the receiver that had fell from the pass. The stadium and sideline erupted as the play had finished. Being on the sideline right in front of our eyes, we were in disbelief that we had actually witnessed something so amazing. The story on the link talks about all the recognition the play earned as it went viral online all around the country.


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