Before Season Surprise!


   Several weeks before the season was full of preperation for me as I trained everyday getting ready for the upcoming football camp leading up to our 2010 season. An unexpected surprise hit me one night as I went out on the town in Philadelphia with my old roommate and his best friend. That night we went out to eat and and go to a bar where my old roommate liked to hang out. We had a very good dinner at a small restaurant that was famous for their chicken wings. Of course because I thought I was tough, I tried the really spicy buffalo sauce instead of the normal barbecue or honey mustard. Anyways I noticed while I was out with them, around my lower tailbone starting feeling funny. It would only feel funny when I sit down. Of course I told myself it was nothing and that the funny feeling would go away that night.

   The next morning, there was a big, slightly pink bump on my tailbone. At this point I was wondering what it was but I couldn’t make out what had caused it. That night I felt a little funny, I had worked out on my abs about 4 hours before in the weightroom. The only thing in my mind that I thought would cause it was grinding my lower back against the ground repeatedly as I did ab work. I ignored this for a good week before it really tripled in size and affected how I walked and sat down. I had to sit on my side it hurt so bad.

   After finally deciding to go to the hospital nearby, I found out that what I had was a Polinital Cyst. It was a big, golf-ball size bump that was filled with puss and was infected. After going through small surgery to get it all out, I was finally healed up and didn’t have a big cyst on my lower back. The surgery was very painful but in the end it was very worth it. I was actually very thankful I was able to sit normal again. After the surgery, the first thing I needed to do was gain the strength back in my legs because I wasn’t able to till the start of football camp. This hurt how I performed during camp and the scrimmage but once the first game came up against Merchant Marine Academy, I was ready!


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