7th Game vs Mount Ida College!


    I have now lost 15 pounds and have not practiced all week. Missed classes and laying in bed 24 hours a day is what my life consisted of after arriving back on campus the previous week. My only focus at this point was to stay alive as I wasn’t able to eat. The only food item that went down smoothly with minimum pain was watermelon but even that hurt too. For a week I lived off of water! I finally saw coach during Wednesday’s practice as they were preparing for Mount Ida. As I watched, I felt worst and worst because I felt so weak. Players and trainers would approach me wondering if I was ok. Almost every player made a comment regarding my body size. Apparently I looked smaller in my stomach area as well as smaller arm muscles. Everybody could see that my body was a wreck and I wasn’t handling it well.

    After going to our campus doctor’s office, SHS (Student Health Services), I was able to get medicine to help cure my Strep Throat. By Friday I was able to walk fine and even jog a little bit. After meeting with the coach, he told me that because I didn’t practice all week I wouldn’t be the starter for the game. Because I am the starting left tackle for the Bison, it hurt our offensive line that I wasn’t able to play. The coach said if I feel like I can play, he will use me for an emergency situation in case our backup left tackle were to get hurt. I didn’t have a personal story related to the game about my emotions or how the game flow went because I was on the sideline the whole game but here’s the story of the game in the link below.



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