6th Game vs Norwhich!


This is the official start of my Strep Throat. Unfortunately a few days before the game I started feeling pain and swelling in my throat but didn’t think much of it because the pain was mild. My initial thought was that I had a sore throat but that wasn’t the case. After having a terrible ride to Norwhich, again the other game that was over 12 hours of driving, i felt like the only thing i wanted to so was throw up. Leading up to the game that morning, I wasn’t able to eat breakfast with the team because my throat had hurt to much. While watching film after dinner, I started to shiver even though it wasn’t cold in the room. Our trainer had to go personally get a hotel blanket just to keep my body slightly warm while reviewing for the game. It didn’t help that this was probably the toughest team we would face this season.

    The next morning was filled with pain in my throat as well as throwing up a few times in my hotel room bathroom. Preparing for the game was tough because my body felt weak and I wasn’t able to focus on the game 100%. The game itself was a close battle! The first half saw us Bison down but 17 or so points and out of a chance to catch back up. After a halftime filled with our coach fired up, we were ready to start that second half.  Coach told us that great teams come back from behind and find a way to win. That is a very true statement but to me, all I could think about was that cold protein shake that pretty much kept me alive for the rest of the game. The second half, we found a way to catch up! We fought our hardest only to come away with a loss by a score of 31-23. Every loss so far was by 1, 3, and 8 points. All games were lost by one possession. A simple touchdown in all these games change the outcome of how our season looks. It’s either 3-3 or 6-0! The story in the link fully describes the battle we went through to come up just short of a win.



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