3rd Game vs George Mason!


    FINALLY a win to be proud of!!! After struggling for our first 2 games, we were finally able to really show off what we are capable of doing. We rallied on a big 65-13 win on our home opener. This was our first home game of the season and we were able to really take it up a notch for our gallaudet fans, friends and family. Our offense was able to rack up 385 total offensive yards and 65 point. George Mason is a divison-1 school for basketball and I believe baseball as well but for football, they are a club team. We are now 2-1 which is a GREAT start to a season but if you really recap what we’ve done so far in the season, we beat 2 club teams and lost by 1 point to a tough divison 3 team. The record is nice but we weren’t impressed with only having wins against club teams so far. We want to show everybody that we can compete on a very high level with other division-3 teams. The next week we were finally able to get another shot at a division-3 team and not only that but our first conference game of the season. The story is below…



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