2nd Game vs Williamson Trade!


    After experiencing a start of 0-1 in a season where we expected to go undefeated, we were ready for the week of practice and the game against club team Williamson Trade College. In 2008 we faced them and won 40-6. That time I was a linebacker my freshman year and didn’t play offensive line. This second game was going to really set the tone for us! We barely edged out a victory as we beat Williamson Trade 23-19 with a crowd of 450. This was not expected at all especially after barely losing the previous week in a last second loss to Merchant Marine Academy. The one thing that certainly affected how I played was the fact that the playing field was utterly disgusting! It was a grass field which is fine until you run and you step on many different holes and lumps all over the field that made it difficult. As an offensive lineman i’m supposed to go down to the ground and block the defenders legs to attempt to trip them up and fall. That’s my job about 70 percent of the time but the ground was so hard that it forced me to not want to “cut” the defenders and pull down the percentage to about 20 percent. This happened with our other 4 offensive lineman as well. Moving the ball was tough but we pulled away with a win and gave the game ball to our head coach who earned his first win as a head coach for the Bison. It was an ugly win but a win is a win and you’ve got to be happy about that! The official story of the game is below.



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