1st Conference Game vs Castleton


   This team Castleton State College is only a second-year program. After suffering a losing record last year, they were determined to make a statement this year against us. The previous year we had smashed them by over 30 points and made it look too easy for us while playing on their turf. It was now our turn to host the game. This was the official kickoff to the ECFC season. ECFC stands for Eastern Collegiate Football Conference. This is the second year for this conference and from last year’s records from all the schools, it turned out to be one of the most competitive conferences in all of D-3 football! After facing 2 clubs the previous weeks, we were finally seeing some talent. Last year’s quarterback for Castleton turned out to be one of the best in our conference last year. Castleton has a very high-powered passing game. This made the game tough for us Biso. We lost our starting cornerback who actually rejoined the team this week but is no longer playing defense anymore, just kicking. Our starting safety who started the last two years and became a leader, had a serious shoulder/neck injury that prevented him from playing football this year, and we had new freshman who didn’t have a lot of experience.

    Factoring in all of those different things, you can say that defending the pass was very difficult for us! Castleton threw for 413 yards. The game turned out to be one of those close, nailbiters that came to the very last minute. Like our first game against Merchant Marine Academy, Castleton State had a chance to score just before the game ended. Castleton kicked the game winning field goal with just 11 seconds left to put them ahead 31-28. It was another heartbreaker for us. Our record at this point is 2-2. We lost both games by a combined 4 points total. One touchdown away from being 4-0! That’s football, it’s a game of inches! Full story in the link.



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